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Where To Find Royalty Free Music For YouTube?

YouTube Audio Library has over 150,000 royalty-free audio tracks for video creators.

YouTube has always been strict and firm about its terms and policies. YouTube creators frequently face copyright issues while using music in their videos! There are two types of music available: one that is free to download, and the other is copyright-free. There’s a difference between both. Music that is available to download free of cost is free. Copyright-free music can be used while you upload videos on YouTube. Did you know YouTube actually solved this issue? No, you still cannot use copyrighted music! YouTube introduced an audio library in 2013 for its creators. To use the music from the YouTube audio library, all you need to do is log in to YouTube Studio.

Does The YouTube Audio Library have Royalty-Free Music? Is it Free Of Charge?

YouTube Audio Library has over 150,000 royalty-free audio tracks for video creators. They are free of charge as well! To access YouTube’s audio library, sign in to YouTube Studio and search for ‘Audio library.’


Benefits Of YouTube Audio Library

Want to know why YouTube Audio Library is best for beginners. Here is the list of things that make it the best option to avoid a copyright strike.

  1. Copyright-free music – Offers royalty-free music free of charge.
  2. Variety of music – YouTube audio library has music for almost all moods! This library covers everything from rock and funky music to slow and soothing tunes. Instrumental music, from acoustic guitar to trumpets to a classical number, has all the music one desires!
  3. Monetary benefits – Musicians can share their music to YouTube Audio Library and earn monetary benefits. As an artist, you can join the YouTube Partner Programme and use ads to generate revenue. Your channel should have 1000 subscribers and 4000 views in the previous year. As an artist, you can join the YouTube Partner Programme and use ads to generate revenue. Your channel should have 1000 subscribers and 4000 views in the previous year.

Third-Party Sites To Find Royalty-Free Music For YouTube Videos

  1. Uppbeat – Offers free music download without copyright claims.
  2. Artlist – Allows unlimited music downloads for unlimited use for $199 annually.
  3. Foximusic – You can buy music tracks and use them unlimitedly. Let’s use the music for YouTube and Facebook.
  4. Amazon – Amazon is a well-known and one of the most extensive music libraries. It has over 30,000 tracks. It may charge $1 per track you download, but some tracks are free.
  5. Mixkit – You can download audio tracks from Mixkit free of charge without signing up. Attribution is also not required!
  6. InCompetech– It is one of the most popular sites for royalty-free music for YouTube videos. There are various genres available. It is a user-friendly site. You can browse through options like most downloaded music and top and recent searches to find trending background scores.
  7. Bensound– This website offers multiple, diverse collections of songs available to download for free and a paid account. Depending on the genre you are browsing for and the type of YouTube video, there are several royalty-free music for use.
  8. SoundCloud– SoundCloud is one of the popular platforms for royalty-free music. You can discover the platform for various albums and genres that content creators can make themselves familiar with to upload and share music on YouTube.

Concluding Thoughts

YouTube might restrict or delete your video if you do not follow these policies. YouTube also introduced new terms of service. While using the YouTube Audio library and enjoying these benefits, keep the below points in mind:

  • You cannot claim the music to be your own.
  • Do not use the music without giving credits in the video description.
  • Avoid deleting or adding from the music track.
  • Do not use a third-party website to download any music track from the YouTube audio library.
  • Without fail, include full credits in the description of your video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to Use CC Music On YouTube?

If the musician has chosen to release the song under a Creative Commons (CC) license, the content creator or the YouTuber legally gets the right to use the music for their videos.

Q2. Is All Music From YouTube’s Audio Library Royalty-Free?

Yes, YouTube Audio Library has royalty-free music that can only be used on the YouTube platform and will be considered copyright-safe. Suppose a YouTube channel is looking for an audio effect. In that case, they may find various options in the YouTube Audio Library, including free music, sound effects, and Creative Commons (CC) licenses.

Q3. Can I Use Any Music Labeled ‘Free’ On The Internet For My YouTube Videos?

No, you cannot use any music that is labeled as free to use. The music must be copyright-safe to use from a reliable source. The most common platform for using free music for videos on YouTube is YouTube Audio Library. Most of the time, the music is copyrighted on the internet. So, to avoid copyright infringement from legal owners, it is advised to take permission to use the audio or look for CC-licensed music.

Q4. What Types Of Licenses Are Common For Royalty-Free Music?

We are sure you know where to find royalty-free music for YouTube, but do you know what types of licenses are common for royalty-free music. If an artist gives their music to the public in the form of a free public domain download, then the public can utilize it without worrying about copyright violations. A YouTube music license is also standard, wherein the owner has allowed their music to be used on the YouTube platform. Then another common way of using royalty-free music is via a Creative Commons(CC) license, where the artist may require credit attribution when their music is used.

Q5. Can I Use Royalty-Free Music In Monetized YouTube Videos?

Yes, you can use royalty-free music for your videos, even if you are monetizing them.