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YouTube Vanced Not Working – (2023 Update)

How to Fix YouTube Vanced Not Working/Loading/Crashing on Android

If you are facing the issue of YouTube Vanced not working on your android phone, you have landed in the right place. 

YouTube Vanced is a popular modded version of YT with most of the YouTube premium features for free like ad-blocking, Offline videos, background playback, picture-in-picture video, swipe controls for volume and brightness. You name it and the chances are YouTube Vanced has it.

YouTube Vanced cannot work alone, you need the MicroG app to support it.

So if you see the error “YouTube Vanced keeps stopping”, Chances are you don’t have MicroG installed. Download the MicroG application and your problem will be fixed.

Now if your YouTube Vanced is not opening follow the steps below to fix the problem.

Quick fix for YouTube Vanced not working on your Android Phones;

  • Uninstall YouTube Vanced and MicroG apps from your phone

YouTube Vanced not working

  • Disable Chrome for the time being
  • Reinstall the MicroG app, but don’t open it 
  • Download YouTube Vanced app again

YouTube Vanced APK Download

  • Sign in and you are good to go 


Microg5 YouTube Vanced

  • When you are installing the apps, you sometimes get a pop-up showing an error message.
  • You need to disable “MIUI Optimisation” setting to continue download.

YouTube Vanced


To fix this error while installing YouTube Vanced app, follow these steps;

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Additional Settings

YouTube Vanced not working

  •  Select “Developers Option

YouTube Vanced not working

  • Scroll down to MIUI Optimization and Turn it OFF

YouTube Vanced not working

  • Now you can download the YouTube Vanced app without any issues.


Alternatives you can use  for YouTube Vanced app 

If the YouTube Vanced keeps crashing and you are unable to fix the issue, dont fret as there are many alternatives that are available for free. 

The best alternative for YouTube Vanced is Newpipe which is free and open source.

Other than that you can check out FreeTube, Skytube, VidLii, FlyTube, and TubeMate.

Many People had changed their password and tried to disable google account from all instances it was logged in. Then they couldn’t add any accounts or be able to access YT Vanced. The normal YouTube app works fine, though.

The Simple solution for this is  to delete and re-add your google accounts in the phone settings. This will help to fix your Vanced related issue.

Frequently asked questions:

How to fix YouTube Vanced crashing?

  • Try clearing the app cache and if that doesn’t work.
  • Uninstall MicroG and YouTube Vanced app and reinstall them. 
  • It will fix your issue.

Why YouTube Vanced is not banned?

Youtube Vanced is not banned because it did not modify anything in the youtube servers and its website. It’s simply a modded version of YouTube.

Is YouTube Vanced legal?

YouTube Vanced is completely legal to use as it just provides the content from YouTube. Youtube Vanced is not illegal

Does YouTube Vanced drain battery?

Yes, YouTube Vanced drains the battery but not more so than your usual streaming apps.

Is Vanced YouTube down?

YouTube Vanced is not down and reachable by SaasHub.

What is YouTube Vanced APK download?

YouTube Vanced APK is the modded version of YouTube that provides YT premium features of youtube for free. It is available on android smartphones.

You can refer this video if you have any more doubts