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Top Ways To Repurpose YouTube Videos

Here are the top 6 ways to repurpose your YouTube videos.

Do you wish to create an endless supply of content through your YouTube videos and use them for marketing on other mediums? Learning how to repurpose your YouTube videos into different pieces of content can save you valuable time in creating high-quality content.

YouTube videos are powerful instruments to explode your brand’s reach and get more visibility from your target audience. This article will discuss strategies to repurpose YouTube videos and reach your target audience in as many ways as possible.

How To Repurpose YouTube Videos?

Here are 6 ways to reuse YouTube videos.

  1. Embed Your YouTube Videos In A Blog Post
  2. Use the audio for podcasts
  3. Create short-form social media videos
  4. Embed In A Medium Story
  5. Use in Email marketing
  6. Repurpose content as YouTube Shorts

Let’s dive further in detail into each of the above 6 ways.

1. Embed YouTube Videos In A Blog Post

Embedding your YouTube videos to your blog posts provides additional value to readers when they visit your posts. You can attract traffic from different web sources and increase the views on your YouTube videos. It complements SEO and helps to rank your videos higher in YouTube and Google search results.

2. Use The Audio For Podcasts

YouTube video to audio

If you have established a well-defined structure for your YouTube videos, you can strip the audio and use it on popular podcast platforms. It gives flexibility to your viewers to listen to your content without the need to see any visuals. It is one of the most simple approaches creators follow to repurpose YouTube videos.

3.  Reuse YouTube Videos To Create Short Form Content

Cutting your long-form YouTube videos into bite-sized short-form content makes it suitable to publish on social media handles. You can sneak in a piece of valuable information in such short videos and arouse curiosity among your target audience to watch your YouTube videos. Do this consistently, and you will give your target audience more chances to discover your content.

4. Embed In A Medium Story

Medium is a wonderful place to post your content and expand your audience reach. Embedding your YouTube video to a medium story is similar to embedding it into your blog. Simply copy and paste the link into a relevant medium story, hit enter, and you have repurposed your YouTube video successfully to attract more viewers and potential subscribers.

5. Repurpose YouTube Video Content in Email Marketing

Repurpose YouTube videos in email marketing

This is a highly preferred tactic among YouTubers to repurpose their YouTube videos. Include thumbnails and an excerpt from your video description in your emails when sending newsletters. It adds value to the content, builds a better relationship through different forms of media, and elevates the reader to take a step ahead in the funnel by watching your videos.

6. Repurpose Video Content As Shorts

Turn YouTube video into shorts

YouTube shorts are growing in popularity, and many YouTubers repurpose their video content as shorts. It helps to attract more visibility on the world’s largest video-sharing platform and increase potential subscribers of your YouTube channel.


Creating high-quality content for YouTube videos takes a huge investment of time and effort. Scaling your brand across different platforms requires a smart strategy, and learning how to repurpose YouTube content is one of them. Publish your content across different platforms to get more online visibility, attract more viewers, and increase your potential subscriber base.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Use Tools To Repurpose My YouTube Content?

Yes. There are various third-party tools available online that help you repurpose YouTube videos after you publish them on YouTube. You can also do so using your YouTube Studio dashboard.

Q2. How To Get Started with repurposing my YouTube content?

You can explore the 6 ways illustrated in this article and pick up just 1 or 2 to get started with. Once you get used to and see the results, you can then try other ways to repurpose YouTube videos.

Q3. What Does Repurposing a video mean?

Repurposing YouTube video content involves creating a piece of video content and optimizing it to make it suitable for publishing on various social media platforms and other handles.

Q4. Is it considered safe and legal to repurpose YT content?

Yes. Repurposing YouTube videos is a simple strategy to provide more value to your target audience from the existing videos without the need to start from scratch every time for every platform. It is completely safe and legal to reuse your content.