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Top 3 Websites For YouTubers To Find Sponsors

All you need to know about YouTube sponsorship websites and get started with branded content.

Being a YouTuber, you definitely must have aimed to become a valuable partner to brands of your choice through the various YouTube sponsorship websites.  As long as you have an interactive audience and engaging content, you can leverage the endless sponsorship opportunities on YouTube. However, it may be a little overwhelming to find the right opportunity that works for you and your channel. But you don’t need to worry. We have listed the top 3 YouTube sponsorship websites that offer brilliant collaborations and sponsorship opportunities to YouTubers. But first, let’s understand what exactly sponsored videos are on YT.

What Do YouTube Sponsored Videos Mean?

Sponsored videos on YouTube, also referred to as branded content, are videos that seamlessly integrate a brand promotion into their content. Brands pay YouTubers who resonate with their product or service to promote them to their target audience. They offer products, product payments, or money to creators to feature them in their videos.

Top YouTube Sponsorship Websites

The most chosen YouTube sponsorship websites are:

  1. YouTube Brand Connect
  2. Artbrief
  3. Scrunch

Let’s explore them further in detail.

1. YouTube Brand Connect

YT Brand Connect

Formerly known as Famebit, YouTube Brand Connect is among the most trusted YouTube sponsorship sites that help you connect with the brand across the globe and explore a wide range of products. You can also enhance your collaboration opportunities through this site. You just need to set up a free account on YouTube Brand Connect and grab opportunities to earn money featuring branded content campaigns aligned with your preferences.

However, you must fulfill the following eligibility criteria to connect your channel to YT Brand Connect.

2. Artbrief

YouTube sponsorship website- Artbrief

It is another popular choice among popular sponsorship websites for YouTube. It connects brands with creators who can match their style and create on-demand content from anywhere across the world. Brands and creators can sign up for free regardless of their channel size. Brands post their brief on this site and search for the right creators in just a few clicks.  You will find popular brands from multiple niches, like fashion and lifestyle, beauty, architecture and travel, etc., on this platform.

3. Scrunch

Scrunch - YouTube sponsorship websites

Known as a popular alternative to YouTube Brand Connect, Scrunch is a YouTube sponsorship website famous among creators to connect with their preferred brands. Scrunch offers done-for-you influencer marketing and do-it-yourself resources that offer immense value to brands and creators. However, to access the collaboration opportunities, you need to sign up for their monthly or yearly paid membership.


All three YouTube sponsorship websites stated above help you reach out to brands as per choice and channel niche. However, approaching these websites will be beneficial only if you have a decent subscriber base. You can explore the idea of buying subs for YouTube channels to grow your fan base and make the most of YT-sponsored content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many subscribers do you need to create branded content from YouTube sponsorship websites?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach regarding the number of subscribers you need to create sponsored content. However, we recommend using the YPP requirements as guidelines and having at least 500 loyal subscribers to make the most of sponsored content.

Q2. How much you can earn from YouTube sponsorship websites?

There is no fixed rule about how much you can earn from YouTube sponsored content. It depends on these factors:

  • Your channel’s subscriber base
  • YouTube video views and watch hours
  • Overall audience engagement
  • Type of sponsorship

Q3. Do I need anything before approaching sponsors to collaborate and create branded content?

It is always better to have a media kit ready before you approach these YouTube sponsorship sites for collaboration. It provides your sponsors with an idea of you and your YouTube channel and reflects the story of why should brands work with you.

Q4. Do subscribers dislike branded content?

If you promote something that doesn’t align with your subscribers’ interests or if they don’t get attractive product offers, they may not like your branded content. However, they usually don’t mind branded content as it indicates the growth of their favorite YouTuber.