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What Are YouTube Auto Generated Chapters?

Did YouTube add chapters to your video?

YouTube chapters have been introduced as a feature a while back. But as a creator, you needed to add the chapters you want, to your video. So if you heard the term auto generated chapters on YouTube you might be wondering ‘What are YouTube auto generated chapters?’

Let’s learn everything we need to know about auto generated chapters:

What Are YT Auto Generated Chapters?YOUTUBE-CHAPTERS

If you’re watching a YouTube video that is 1 hour long you are most likely to get bored within the first 20 minutes of the video. But what if the video came with timestamps as to which topic is covered where? Won’t that make your viewing experience easier? This is exactly where YouTube chapters come in.

YouTube chapters are there to divide a video into segments so it’s easy for a viewer to jump to the segment they want to watch. Earlier these chapters were only applicable manually but now YouTube has learned to auto generate chapters.

So YouTube auto generated chapters are automatically created segments in a video that make the viewers watching experience easier.

How To Use YouTube Auto Generated Chapters?

Here are the steps you need to follow to use YouTube auto generated chapters:

  1. Sign in to ‘YouTube studio’ and select Content from the menu on the left.
  2. Click on the pen icon on the video you want to add chapters to.YOUTUBE-STUDIO-CHAPTERS
  3. Scroll down to find the ‘Automatic Chapter’ option and tick the box to allow automatic chapters.YOUTUBE-STUDIO-ALLOW-AUTOMATIC-CHAPTERS

When your video is long enough YouTube will automatically divide its content into chapters.


Adding chapters to your video will make your video easier to watch. Especially if the YouTube video you made is a clear guide on how to do something. Making each chapter a step could save the viewers time as they can just go through the steps at the beginning of the video and jump straight to the step they are having difficulty with.

Hopefully, now you understand what YouTube auto generated chapters are and how to properly use them! If you are having any trouble working chapters on YouTube we are here to help!


Should You Use Chapters On YouTube?

Yes. Using YouTube chapters affects the user experience for the better.

Do YouTube Chapters Increase Views?

Yes. When your YouTube video is more targeted and to the point, YouTube will promote it better.

What Is The Minimum Length For A YouTube Chapter?

10 seconds. You need to have at least 3 chapters in your YouTube video and each of them should at least be 10 seconds long.