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How To Add Chapters To YouTube Videos?

What are YT chapters?

Learn how to add chapters to YouTube videos? Chapters are a terrific way to break up large YouTube videos, much like they make books simpler to read. Chapters allow viewers to effortlessly go to their favorite sections of the video and explain what each section of the video is about. So, without further ado, in this blog, we will explain how to add chapters to YouTube videos and how it benefits your success on YT. You can also add auto-generated chapters to your videos.

What Are YouTube Chapters?

Your video is divided into portions by chapters. The chapters are shown along the video’s progress bar, and the viewer can use them to rapidly navigate to the sections they wish to see.

how to add youtube chapters

You choose the sequence and names of the chapters as you create them for each video.

Also, note not all videos can have automated chapters. It won’t function if your channel has strikes or if the video is against Youtube’s rules.

Why Add Chapters To YouTube Videos?

If your video is instructive or exciting, you should add chapters to it. It will make it much easier for viewers to sift information, and they won’t have to wait through an entire 30- or 40-minute film to find the small amount of information they need. Your YouTube videos will appear more helpful, increasing the likelihood that users will share them more.’.

How To Create Chapters In YouTube?

Here’s a rundown of how to create chapters in YouTube.

  • Open YouTube Studio and log in
  • Click on Content on the left side
  • Choose the YT video
  • Include the timestamps and chapter names for your chapters in the description.
  • The timestamp must begin at 00.00
  • A minimum of three timestamps in ascending order are required for your video.
  • Save the changes
  • Upload the video

This was the entire process to add chapters to your YouTube videos. Now let us move on to the benefits of adding chapters to the YT videos.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Chapters To YouTube Videos?

There are two benefits of adding chapters to YT videos. Let us have a look at it, one by one:

Better User Experience

YT chapters come in handy with music videos; you can jump straight to your favorite song instead of listening to all the songs. Chapters can make a video much more user-friendly by allowing you to quickly discover the specific step with which you’re having trouble in a tutorial.

Increased Visibility

Since the chapters are highlighted on the results page, it is clear that the video receives substantially more views from search engine results than the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Why doesn’t my YouTube video have chapters?

Ans. One of the main reasons can be not having enough subscribers. It is essential to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers before you add Chapters to your videos.

Q.2 How do I add a chapter marker to a video?

Ans. Chapter marker is nothing but naming the video in segments or adaptive video sets. Users can choose the chapter markers on the video timeline when they play the movie (also known as the video scrubber). By doing this, they are able to quickly jump to fresh content, examples, tutorials, and other stuff that interests them.

Q.3 Why are YouTube Chapters Not Working?

Ans. There can be many reasons for YT chapters not working. Some of the reasons are:

  • Not having 1000 subscribers
  • Your channel has received a strike
  • You have less than 3 chapters
  • Timestamps are not listed in chronological order.
  • One of your chapters is less than 10 seconds.


This completes our guide on how to add chapters to YouTube videos. We have explained in detail how to create chapters. If you are having issues with adding chapters, then this blog on how to fix YT chapters might help.