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YouTube Now Allows You To Create 30 Seconds Dream Track Instrumentals

Create music lyrics of your own with Dream Track!

YouTube took the initiative to develop AI-generated tools for creators; we must say there’s no going back. Now, the platform is testing a Dream Track feature on YouTube. Have you heard of it yet? The platform first debuted the Dream Track last November 2023. No biggie if you haven’t. Here’s all you need to know!

YouTube Is Testing Out The AI Dream Track For Shorts

dream track-youtube videos

YouTube Dream Track AI tool allows you to create the 30-second soundtrack of the artists for YouTube shorts. All you have to do is provide the keywords (subject for the song), and you will hear an AI-generated voice with the lyrics. It takes a few seconds to generate a song in your favorite artist’s voice on anything. As of now, YouTube is letting users put prompts in English.

The news of the YouTube Dream Track experiment is exciting not only to users but also to artists worldwide. Some artists, like Charlie Puth and T-pain, have shared their opinions on this new creation on YouTube to inspire others.

Now, speaking about AI tools, YouTube has also launched other AI tools, like GenAI content inspiration, to help creators get ideas for videos.


Almost every artist, music producer, and creator is helping YouTube test out the Dream Track to gain feedback and make a defined decision about it. As YouTube is in a strong relationship with the music industry, it is striving best to leverage the new opportunities created by AI. Now that you know that Dream Track is on the way to your service, are you excited for it to be released soon?

This approach is taken in collaboration with Google DeepMind, and we are excited to get hands-on with it soon. Until then, you can explore other YouTube news and AI tools introduced by YouTube some time ago.