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YouTube Tests Out The Web Redesign Once Again

New layout may get rolled out soon!

After receiving the next level of condemnation, YouTube has discontinued testing out the web redesigned look. However, the platform has resumed the testing phase and seems to be launching the look soon.

Last time, when YouTube tested the revamp, it replaced the video recommendation with a title and description. Everyone hated the look, especially those who could see the changes on the platform. So what’s up with YouTube? Why is it going after the update that has brought extreme hatred? Let’s find out.

YouTube Is Rolling Out its Most Hated Web Redesigned Look Once Again

youtube-web redesigned interface
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Last time, when YT was testing out the redesigned look of the web version, no one seemed to love the interface, and the idea of changing the platform’s look came to a halt.

Now, the redesigned look is back, but once again, it is in the testing phase and available to a limited number of users. Earlier, when it was in the testing phase, users were unhappy and took their disapproval to Reddit. They also talked about the cause of the redesigned layout, like scrolling way too far down to see comments on the right side where video recommendations used to appear.

Since the YouTube web redesigned interface is again in the testing phase, the reason for bringing the update is unclear. However, the second testing round certainly helps gather more data for YouTube.


It isn’t like YouTube doesn’t know users have disapproved of the new layout. YouTube is willing to roll out the web-redesigned interface even if it was chastised, and you may have to see it on your device when it is completely rolled out. The reason behind the update is still unknown, but we hope YouTube again discards it after testing it out. Apart from revamping YouTube’s layout, the platform has not even spared the respective music application and made interface changes. A few of them are redesigned share sheets and cast menus.