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YouTube Is Unstoppable With It’s Controversial Changes

YouTube ad updates going on our nerves!

YouTube is making controversial changes to the platform that are being condemned from all over the world. You would have some of them recently rolled out. YouTube talks about how new ad formats and other actions are valuable, and they continue to make more changes.

YouTube Controversial Changes To The Platform

youtube-controversial issues

Alphabet, the company that owns the huge video-sharing platform YouTube, has announced some upcoming changes that users may not like.

The “pause ads” news has circulated all over the internet and already created a big buzz among users. This ad format pops up on the screen once you pause the video playing. The company revealed that although this ad format was in the testing phase, it has gained strong traction.

The ad format rolled out a week after it announced that it was tightening its restrictions on crackdowns on ad blockers. So you might have gotten this news to your ears as well.

YouTube has been making controversial changes to the platform, which users seem not to like. However, these factors helped advertisers increase their brand lift and YouTube’s earnings.

The company revealed that it earned roughly $8 billion from YouTube ads, a significant increase from the $6 billion earned last year during the same period.


Users would have a hope that YouTube might discontinue making controversial changes to the platform after receiving negative comments. However, it is sad for us to say that YouTube is going to develop more such changes in the future as they will help increase revenue in great numbers.