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YouTube Music Redesigns Cast Menu On Android With Vast Difference

Cast share sheet is revamped to very sophisticated.

Last time, YouTube redesigned the share sheet feature on YouTube music. This time, the YouTube cast menu share sheet on Now Playing has been changed. But while alternating to the cast sheet, the platform has also given it multiple changes. Let’s know all here!

YouTube Music Has No Stop Button On Cast Menu And Many More

youtube-cast menu

YouTube has added the cast menu to the list of redesigned features of YouTube music. When you see the update on the platform, it doesn’t seem to have major changes, but it does. The menu now appears from the bottom of the screen, and there is no “stop casting” button on the now-playing screen.

Pausing and playing the music is a two-stage process because the play/pause button has been removed. So now, if you want to play or pause the song cast, you have to go back to the Now Playing screen, and to stop casting content, you must select the “This phone” option. This will stop the song from being cast from other devices and will start playing on your phone.

The new look of the YouTube cast menu is sophisticated and launched for the Android version of YouTube music apps. So, if you are an Android user, check the application to see if you got the changes.


If you aren’t using the latest version of YouTube Music, you may not have seen the revamped cast menu yet. You need to update the application from the Play Store or force stop to see the changes quickly. The redesigned YouTube cast share sheet may or may not bother you because it has a very modern appearance.