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The YouTube Sponsorship Program – The Rule Book to get in

To be a part of the YouTube sponsorship programs, every YouTuber needs to meet specific criteria. Small channels need to be very cautious about the type of content they upload. You need to carefully read YouTube’s guidelines to understand if your content is suitable.

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Before you apply for YouTube sponsorship, make sure that:

  • Your content is of high quality.
  • You have enough videos on your channel.
  • The reach of your videos
  • The relevance of your content
  • Share your business email address

Let’s explore these requirements in detail.

1. Content Quality

The phrase “Content is king” is crucial when creating your YouTube channel’s content. Your content’s quality will attract businesses and brands to your channel for collaboration. Based on your content, you can approach brands for sponsorship. If your content manages to engage with the audience, you can use this to show brands that promoting their products will convert them into customers. So focus on creating high-quality content that entertains and educates your audience.

2. Content Quantity
content-quantity for YouTube sponsorship

Even though you are new to this platform, you need to build up your channel to approach or attract the YouTube Sponsorship Program. If your channel has four videos in one year, it won’t fit well with the program’s requirements, even though they are great. You need to invest your time and energy into creating quality content and focus on the number of videos on your channel.

Many YouTubers make the mistake of removing their old videos since the content’s quality wasn’t up to the mark. Even if that’s the case, you should keep the videos to increase your numbers, and it also shows your growth from a beginner to a full-time YouTuber. Make sure to have enough videos with quality content on your YT channel before approaching any brands.

3. Video’s Reach

Now you have enough videos with quality content, but what’s missing? Reach! How many subscribers do you need to get sponsorships? For sponsorship, you need to have a high number of subscribers. I cannot specify an exact number, but you can start getting paid with a couple of thousand subscribers. You can also explore the idea of buying subscribers for a YouTube channel.

The bottom line is that the number of subscribers and views and the engagement of your audience with your content play a vital role in getting any brand endorsements.

4. Content Relevance
content-relevance for YouTube sponsorship

By relevance, I mean the brand’s product’s relevance with your content and channel. For, e.g., If you are a gamer trying to approach or promote a beauty product, your audience will find you unrelatable, which will decrease your rapport with them. Brands typically don’t sponsor channels that are not related to their products. As you grow and become an influential figure on YouTube, you can experiment with products that are not entirely related to your niche but show conversion potential.

Small channels should stick to relevant sponsors that can help their audience. This way, they will be able to build their audience base.

5. Share your business email address.

Remember to include your business email address on your channel so that brands and businesses can reach you for collaborations and queries. This ID will also showcase the notifications you receive from your fans in the form of requests, video comments, and messages.


Now that you are well-versed with Youtube’s guidelines through which you can apply for sponsorship programs look at how small channels can get sponsors and the different types of sponsorships you can choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the easiest sponsorship to get on YouTube?

Affiliate sponsorship is the easiest sponsorship to get for YouTubers in their initial stages of growth.

Q2. How much do sponsors pay per 1000 views?

Sponsors pay YouTubers anywhere between $5-$100 per 1000 views. You can buy YouTube views to reach the milestone and get eligible to receive money from sponsorships.

Q3. Can small YouTubers get sponsors?

If you have a decent subscriber base of an engaged audience, despite being a small YouTuber, you have a higher chance of getting brand sponsorships.

Q4. What is an affiliate sponsor?

An affiliate sponsor is an entity that joins or is an affiliate of a sponsor and participates in the investment of another service or product. The two entities then split the sales generated from the shared product or service.