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YouTube Updates It’s Ad Guidelines For Monetization On Adult Content

New YouTube updates for advertiser friendly guidelines on adult content

Google’s video-sharing platform updated its latest monetization policies for adult content. According to the current YouTube adult content guideline, policies surrounding breastfeeding, sensual dancing, or nudity can earn ad revenue.

The policies around adult content, about non-sexually graphic dance like tweaking and grinding, are relaxed, which now allows YouTube creators to monetize their videos. However, flexible policies come with certain restrictions. In the past, the areola had to be covered in nursing videos to generate revenue.

YouTube Adult Content Guideline Now Allows Creators To Showcase Videos With Breastfeeding And Certain Dance Moves

In a recent development, YouTube has introduced a revised policy that now permits the monetization of videos featuring non-sexual nudity, specifically those showcasing breastfeeding and certain dance moves. This update is part of the platform’s ongoing efforts to balance content creators’ freedom of expression and maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all users.

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Despite these updates, YouTube’s community and advertiser-friendly content standards for monetization remain unchanged.

In the revision made in November of 2023, the policy states as follows.

For Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding content where a child is present, even with visible areola, can now earn ad revenue. Previously, such content was only monetizable if no areola was visible. Also, breastfeeding thumbnails focusing on breasts without visible areola can earn ad revenue.

For Sensual Dancing: Non-sexually graphic dancing involving rhythmic body movements, such as twerking or grinding, as well as dance featuring fleeting minimal clothing, can now earn ad revenue. Previously, such content was not considered monetizable.

Per these new guidelines, a child must be present for breastfeeding videos. Without the presence of a child, YouTube will restrict the video content. Nursing thumbnails featuring breasts without an areola will now get ad revenue. In dance videos, YouTube implements stricter guidelines for minimally covered body parts to maintain a family-friendly environment.

The popular video-sharing platform will now prohibit the display of buttocks, breasts, and genitalia that are inadequately covered. This decision is part of YouTube’s ongoing efforts to ensure that its content aligns with its community guidelines and remains suitable for viewers of all ages.


It is worth noting that the YouTube adult content guidelines for content creators give them a broader scope to make more money on the platform. Breastfeeding is the most natural and vital aspect of parenting, and it’s great to see YouTube recognizing and normalizing this essential activity. It’s a significant deal that expands opportunities for content makers specializing in making educational videos for parents.