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YouTube’s Experimenting With AI Music Generator With Top Music Artists

YouTube taps into AI tunes with top singers

YouTube will soon perform experiments with Google’s DeepMind and, in conjunction, will introduce Lyria, an advanced AI music tool titled “Dream Track.” The time has arrived to finally tap into the world of YouTube AI music generator tools.

The new AI music-generating feature will first be available on YouTube Shorts to create 30-second soundtracks. For this, the biggest video-sharing platform says the music tool will be available only to a selected group of artists and creators in the US. So, currently, YouTube has teamed up with nine top artists, namely, Charlie Puth, Alec Benjamin, Demi Lovato, John Legend, Sia, T-Pain, Troye Sivan, Papoose, and Charlie XCX. Isn’t that exciting? 

YouTube is releasing a tool for the Shorts feature, allowing users to type an idea into the creation prompt, select a participating artist, and produce AI-generated music of 30 seconds only to upload on their YouTube Shorts video.

YouTube Creators Can Now Use AI To Upload Music On Shorts

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On Thursday, 16 November 2023, YouTube announced that Lyria, an artificial intelligence model developed by Google’s London-based artificial intelligence division DeepMind, is the brains behind the Dream Track experiment.

YouTube has posted videos of Charlie Puth and T-Pain’s audio, using the AI-generated music tool, to explain how it works with the prompts “balled about opposites attract” and “A sunny morning in Florida,” respectively. It gives you a sneak peek of the functionality of the AI music tool.

The singers are enthusiastic, too, and every artist has much to say about the YouTube AI music generator tool. As Charlie Puth quoted on the website:

I’m extremely excited and inspired… YouTube has been a great partner in outlining their approach to AI and understands the need to work together to develop this technology responsibly, ensuring it will accelerate creativity instead of replacing it.”

In addition to receiving favorable feedback from the artists, a flip side has emerged in a surprising turn of events, shedding new light on the situation. Controversy Surrounding AI Tools Sparks Conversations among artists and creatives In recent times, AI tools in the creative arts have stirred up a significant amount of controversy.

The ability of these tools to effortlessly generate content by simply entering a prompt has ignited discussions among artists and creative individuals. The rise of AI technology has undoubtedly revolutionized various industries, including the creative sector.

However, others are more skeptical, fearing that the increasing reliance on AI tools may diminish the uniqueness and authenticity of artistic creations. They worry that the ease with which AI-generated content can be produced may lead to a flood of generic and unoriginal works, diluting the artistic landscape.


The YouTube AI music generator tool is highly awaited and will be released later this year. “Dream Track,” the AI music tool developed by Lyria, promises to push the boundaries of what is possible in music composition. This innovative tool will enable users to generate unique and captivating musical compositions on YouTube Shorts powered by state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. Explore all the latest and updated news on YouTube here.