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Advertising On YouTube Kids – Here Is What You Need To Know!

Do YouTube Kids get ads? Is there an ad free YouTube Kids?

Are you advertising on YouTube kids? If the answer is yes, you should be aware of the rules and regulations laid by the social media giant. Structuring YouTube kids as an advertisement platform can help you make a lot of profit, but the variety of ads is set to a limit. This may make you wonder, how can you achieve advertising on YouTube kids with minimalistic methods. And you don’t need to worry, as we are here for your rescue! Read on the guide to get proper insight on the same.

How Can You Start Advertising On YouTube Kids?

paid ads on YouTube kids

As you know by the name, most viewers ship is by the kids all over the world. This leads us to the conclusion that any kind of inappropriate ad is not to be at any cost. While YouTube does have a dedicated site that gives explanations about the dos and don’ts, we have it information simplified for you! Let’s take a look at them one by one.

YouTube ads policy

youtube ads policy

Before you start your journey on YouTube kids, you should know that this rule should comply with the other advertising policies too! The YouTube kids paid ads by the YouTube’s policy team. After the ad received a green signal, the advertisement can go on air.

What are paid ads on YouTube kids?

youtube kids paid ads

When you enter the YouTube kids section, you will see that the amount of ads has. This is because YT believes to provide an ad-free experience of YouTube for their toddlers! There can be chances when you, as an advertising agency needs to put up an ad in the kid’s section, but you aren’t sure how to do it. All you need do is keep the ads format for YouTube in check.

What Are The Ad Format Requirements For YouTube Kids?

  • You can only in-stream video ad format in YouTube Kids is accepted.
  • Maximum time length is 15-20 seconds long for non-skippable and 60 seconds for skippable
  • This excludes the 3-second ad bumper that may play before the Paid Ad.
  • Destination URLs and outbound links are disabled from the app.
  • Ads on YouTube Kids will not be clickable.
  • All Paid Ads must be hosted on YouTube.
  • Third-party served ads are prohibited.


We hope that you have understood the basic working of Advertising On YouTube Kids! We hope that you abide by the rules and have a great time promoting kids friendly products on YouTube

Frequently asked questions

What age are YouTube Kids good for?

YouTube Kids is rated for children aged 4 and up in the app store, although Common Sense Media recommends it for children aged 7 and above. In addition to the advertisements, commercialism, and the possibility of seeing unsuitable films, we believe it is advisable to wait until children are a little more mature!

What is a YouTube Kids account?

With YT kids you can easily take control of your child’s activity on YouTube. You can now also create a separate profile for each kid in their household too! 

Are YouTube kids free?

Yes! YouTube Kids is free of cost and anyone can view it without any issues! The only drawback is that they contain paid ads.