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How To Disable YouTube Shorts? (Updated 2023)

How do I get rid of short beta on YouTube? How do I turn off YouTube stories?

Are you wondering how to disable YouTube shorts? YouTube shorts are actually a pretty much popular alternative for TikTok and reels! So if you have a creative mindset and are trying to get your ideas to the world without much monetary investment, shorts on YouTube are the best option! But there can be times when these short videos may crack you, and you would want to just get rid of them anyway! So for today, we will be targeting how you can learn how to disable YouTube shorts in easy steps! So let’s start without any more delay!

Steps On How To Disable YouTube Shorts

As YouTube shorts is an inbuilt feature, you can’t do anything to get it out of your way. However, the twist is involved when you can figure out how to remove shorts from YouTube! Take a look at the solutions below!

YouTube Vanced

While YouTube is the best thing, sometimes you need an excuse to stop using the app. Be it ads or the annoying YouTube shorts, you have a perfect rescue from them on YouTube vanced manager.

  1. Install vanced manager from the Google

how to disable youtube shorts

2 Install microG from the app

disable youtube shorts

3. Launch the app and log in to your Google account

how to turn off youtube shorts

4. In the settings, enable the shorts shelf to remove the YouTube shorts.

In this way, you can tell your friends how you got rid of YouTube shorts!

How To Disable YouTube Shorts On iPhone?

You can follow the same step as directed above to remove YouTube shorts!

How to Remove Shorts from YouTube (Disable YouTube Shorts)?

Remove Shorts From YT Settings

Click the profile symbol at the top to get to YouTube Settings. Then, from the settings menu, go to General and turn off the shorts toggle. It will deactivate YouTube’s Shorts functionality. As a result, the Shorts video option will be missing when you restart the YouTube app.

Degrade YouTube App

Youtube shorts are not available in the older version of the app. As a result, downloading an older version of Youtube will prevent Youtube shorts from displaying in the Youtube app.

To put it another way, you must use the factory version of YouTube to avoid this upgrade. Here’s how you can accomplish it.

Select the “app details” option by long-pressing the YouTube app on your home screen. Next, remove YouTube from your computer. So there you have it! It does not remove YouTube, but it does erase all of the updates you have downloaded. This function is helpful for anyone who wants to utilize YouTube without the shorts appearing on the home screen, although it isn’t the most practical solution. You will be prompted to install YouTube updates regularly.

Use YT on Browser

YouTube shorts are not available in the browser version of the site. To view YouTube without the commercials, open your favorite browser on your smartphone and navigate to https://www.youtube.com/.

How to Disable YouTube Shorts From YouTube App?

As YouTube Vanced has been discontinued after a legal battle with Google. As of March 13, 2022, Vanced has discontinued all the download links. So, without the option of YT vanced you can try other alternatives to disable YouTube shorts from the YouTube app. You can try the following alternatives to disable YouTube shorts:

  • Degrade the YT app
  • Use YT on another browser
  • Remove shorts from YouTube settings


We hope you found the small guide on how to disable shorts on YouTube valuable! Also, while you use YouTube vanced, you will be ad-free, saving you from buying YouTube’s subscription! Isn’t that great! You can also learn to monetize your YouTube shorts! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Rid Of Short Beta On YouTube?

You can follow the above steps to remove the shorts access.

Can I Turn Off YouTube Shorts?

No, as it is an inbuilt feature!

How Do I Enable YouTube Shorts On My iPhone?

You can get the shorts enabled once you download YouTube

How Do I Change My YouTube recommendations to Shorts?

The shorts recommendations can not be changed as they are different things altogether.

How much do YouTube Shorts pay?

Qualifying channels can earn anything from $100 to $10,000 per month. Bonuses are changed based on where a creator’s audience is located. As a result, the number of views and interactions required to qualify may vary depending on the author.

How do I enable YouTube Shorts?

Follow the steps below to enable YouTube shorts:

  • At the bottom of your YouTube app, tap the “Create” button.
  • Choose “Create a Short” from the drop-down menu.
  • You can modify the recording time from 15 to 60 seconds by tapping on the number above the record button.
  • Tap on record