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Convert Your YouTube Playlist to MP3 – Easier To Use Than You Thought!

How do I download an entire YouTube playlist to MP3? How do I download a YouTube playlist?

YouTube Playlist Converter to MP3 can be easy to use. Have you used one before? There are some YouTube playlists that you want to listen to offline. Unless you have YouTube Premium, listening to music on your YT playlist is not possible, hence you need a YouTube to MP3 playlist downloader. Here we’ll discuss the steps to use the YouTube Playlist Converter to MP3.

List of YouTube playlist converter to MP3

Here are some of the YouTube MP3 playlist downloaders that you can use if you wish to download and listen to the YT playlist anytime and anywhere:

YouTube PlayLoader.to

YouTube PlayLoader.to

Imagine if you have 20 videos that you wish to convert YouTube Playlist to MP3. Some YouTube to MP3 playlist downloaders only allows you to convert one video at a time, but YouTube PlayLoader.to understand how annoying can download and convert one video at a time can be. Hence, it allows you to download your entire playlist in one go!

Playlist YouTube

youtube playlist converter

This YouTube to mp3 playlist software converts a minimum of 20 files at a time. It compresses your files in a zip file. You can download unlimited playlists without registration and logging in. Also, it is compatible with almost all the devices Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iPhone.



YouTube to MP3 Playlist Coconvert

This YouTube to MP3 Playlist Downloader can convert and download almost 100 videos simultaneously. Also, it allows you to convert in several formats.

Since we have a list of the YouTube Playlist to mp3, we will now discuss how to use these MP3 downloaders.

Steps on How to Use YouTube to MP3 Playlist Downloader

Convert YouTube playlist to mp3 using YouTube PlayLoader.to

1. Copy the URL of the Playlist that you want to convert.

youtube to mp3 playlist converter

2. Paste the URL in the YouTube Playlist Downloader.

youtube playlist converter

3. Make sure you choose ‘MP3’ in the format.

youtube playlist converter to mp3

4. Click on ‘Download’.

youtube playlist to mp3

5. Once it has converted your playlist to MP3 format, you can now download the entire playlist.


Playlist YouTube

1. Copy the URL of the playlist that you want to convert to MP3.


2. Insert the URL of the playlist in the Playlist YouTube Converter section and click on the search icon.


3. Once you click on the search icon, it will take some time to search your playlist on YouTube.


4. A list of videos will appear in front, you need to click on convert.


5. Once the YouTube playlist to MP3 is done, you can click on ‘Download’


Download and Convert your YouTube playlist to MP3 using Coconvert

1. Copy the playlist URL from YouTube.


2. Paste the URL in the YouTube Playlist converter on Coconvert.


3. Select MP3 and click on ‘Download’

youtube playlist to mp3


Now that you know how to use YouTube Playlist Converter to MP3, you can download your playlist and listen to it anywhere and at any time without using your internet of course! Also, if you want to convert YouTube to MP4, here’s how you can do that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit on YouTube playlists?

The maximum number of videos that you can add to your playlist is 5000

Can I download an entire YouTube playlist?

Yes, you can download almost 100 videos in a playlist on Coconvert and YouTube PlayLoader.to