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How To Start Podcasts On YouTube?

How do I post a podcast on YouTube for free? Do podcasts make money on YouTube?

Have you heard about podcasts? Even if they don’t need an introduction, you can quickly put the finger on the difference between podcasts on YouTube and videos! Whenever you start brewing up some ideas for your marketing and advertising strategy, YouTube is your best bet. Similarly, when thinking about coming up with a podcast, we will suggest that makings podcasts on YouTube are the prime way out! So without any further delay, let’s get started with the same edification!

Steps On How To Make Podcasts On YouTube

Podcasts On YouTube

Podcasts are a great way to share knowledge with your targeted audience! There are many sites where you can put up the audio; it also helps grow your business! As many people listen to podcasts these days, your content is highly likely to get loved online!

We are primarily targeting the best podcasts on YouTube and how you can make your own! Follow the steps below to know more!

Recording Software And Equipment For Recording Podcasts On YouTube Music

Best Mic For YouTube Podcast

First things first, when you have got the idea for your content, you will need to share your knowledge with the world. This can be done by being well equipped with the best software and types of equipment! And to add, you can also use some of this equipment for gaming too!

It’s always necessary that your mic needs to be the best of its kind. Mics are the legit source in charge of your voice recording, so make a good investment in them. Many mics, such as USB connectors or XLR connectors, come with a mixer. Features to look for in a mic are as follows!

  • For a studio recording, a condenser microphone is the one for you
  •  Every time a studio recording is not possible. So when you are recording at home or outdoors, you can purchase a dynamic mic!
  • Microphones such as BLUE Yeti, Rode, Rode Pod Mic are the pick of the bunch.

Camera To Make Your Audio Count In Most Popular Podcasts On YouTube

Best Camera For YouTube Podcasts

YouTube and video have a never-ending bond. This is the reason when you select YouTube as your platform for podcast upload, you need to have your research done on the best video cameras.

  • Video podcasters select an external webcam that enables crispier and clear images. When purchasing cams from outside, you can try your hands on Logitech HD Pro and Logitech C922.
  • Hand cameras are also in trend for making podcasts on YouTube. If you like the old way of setting the camera on a tripod or handing it to someone else to record, there is no better option than this!

Recording Software To Make Podcasts On YouTube

Video Editing For YouTube Podcasts

Editing is necessary to make sure all the video and audio parts get together! If you are a Mac user, you can use garage band to edit your podcast. With this, we hope that your question on how to edit podcast on Mac! It doesn’t matter the kind of podcast that you may use. All you need to keep in mind is to make sure that the end results are presentable and you are satisfied!

Last But Not Least, Record Your Podcast.

Best Place To Record Your YouTube Podcasts

When you have everything set, you must select a proper niche and start recording your podcast. You may also need to do research to get a fair idea! Below listed are the topics that you can make best podcasts on YouTube!

  • Educational
  • Motivate the youth
  • Business insider
  • Spiritual
  • Storytelling

What Are The Most Popular Podcasts On YouTube?

YouTube podcasts are a great source of enlightenment and gaining more knowledge! Many YouTubers tried this and ended up being famous in the world of audio entertainment! Checkout out these hidden gems of podcasts that can for sure blow away your mind! You can also get a little inspired by these and try making your own podcast on YouTube!

Ear Biscuits

No, we are not talking about ear-shaped biscuits. Just as their unique name, this podcasting channel comprises hilarious elements! Rhett and Link have come up with their weekly dose of entertainment with the ear biscuits! A discussion with the two handsome hosts is sure to make your day shine bright like a diamond! You can also gain answers to questions you dint even know existed! You can count them as one of the biggest podcasts on YouTube!

The Morning Toast

Popular Podcast On YouTube

We present you two utterly capable and gorgeous hosts – Claudia and Jackie Oshry! If you are a millennial, you will find them highly relatable!  These podcasts are made up of augmenting your knowledge with a dash of laughter! They might even sneak in some tips on how to start a podcast free!

Just A Tip

Megan Batoon is your online friend that hypes you up and keeps your life on track! Being extremely artistic and well-rehearsed with worldly tactics, you will find answers to almost every question out there!

What Is Some Audio-Only Podcast On YouTube?

Audio Only Podcast

There are many YouTube podcast ideas, and one of them includes audio podcasts! While video podcast is a trend, you can also make your audio ones rank with proper SEO optimization! Some of the Audio-only podcasts are as follows!

  • TED  
  • Green Bean 
  • Science Magazine

What Are Some Podcast Ideas For Beginners?

deas To Start Podcasts YouTube

This states that you might need some trending podcast topics when you are a beginner! There is no need to dismay, as we have you covered for this! Take a look at the below-listed propositions! Everyone starts from very scratch.

  • Discussion of a favorite topic
  • If you feel you are a great storyteller, make a video on the story!
  • The advice can be given by anyone! If you feel that you can inform and help someone out, try giving advice to most searched problems!
  • Make a list of the best places, food, clothing, etc. Basically a lifestyle podcast.


We hope that you enjoyed the information given by us to on how to make podcasts on YouTube! Also, be sure to search for the best software or mic to help you gain free views!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make A YouTube Podcast?

You can follow the above steps to make a brilliant podcast on YouTube.

Should I Post My Podcast On YouTube?

We will give you a big yes! as YouTube is the best platform to showcase your knowledge to the world, try giving it a hit!

Do Podcasts Make Money?

Podcasts to make money, but they need some kind of consistency. In short, whatever you are doing, you have to be consistent to make money!