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How To Fix The YouTube Error 410? (Updated 2023)

How do I fix Error 410? What does 410 that's an error mean?

Are you getting the YouTube Error 410 on your Android and iOS devices? YouTube has been the best video streaming platform, and we are sure no one can deny this fact! But when you get such an error, 410 YT might get a bit annoying. Here are some methods that you can try to fix the YouTube Error 410.

Top 5 ways to fix the YouTube Error 410 quickly

Here are the best ways to fix the issue instantly:

Clear the cache

1. Go to “Settings”

2. Click on “Apps”


3. Tap on “Manage Apps”


4. Click on “YouTube”


5. Tap on “Clear Data”


6. Select “Clear All Data” and “Clear cache”


Update The YouTube App

Go to your “Playstore” or “App Store” for Android and iOS devices respectively. And “Update” the app. Your YT app might be one of the reasons why YouTube 410 Error appears on your YT app.


Check the YouTube Network Error 410

  • You need to check if your phone is connected to a WiFi connection since your WiFi not working might be one of the reasons for YT Network Error 410. If it is connected and yet you get the Error 410 YT, then you need to contact your internet provider or check your router.

You can also try switching to your mobile data, which might also solve the issue.

Log out and log in again on YouTube

  1. Click on your user icon on the upper right side.user-icon-YT
  2. Tap on your “profile icon” that might have your own picture.user-profile-YT
  3. Tap manage accountsmanage-YT-accounts
  4. Select the account that you want to removeselect-Google-account
  5. Click on remove accountremove-YT-account-to-fix-error

Remember, if you sign out from YouTube, you will be signed out from other Google accounts as well.

Reinstall the app

The last method to fix this is that you can uninstall the YT app and install it again. For this, go to your app store and uninstall the YouTube app. Then install it again. This is a quick fix that sometimes works for many users as it clears all the data.


After trying all five methods, if YouTube Error 410 still prevails, then you can simply wait for YT to fix the issue, as there might be a problem with YT only. Wait for YouTube to fix the error. Learn what to do if you get Error 400 and Error 503.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How do I fix Error 400 YouTube?

You need to clear the cache and app data. That’s one of the methods to fix YouTube Error 410 as well.

Q.2 What is the difference between 404 and 410?

Error 404 indicates that the resource is not present and was never present at the given location. Whereas Error 410 says that the resource is currently not present at the given location but was present in the past.

Q.3 What Causes a 410 Error?

When a user tries to access a page or asset that is no longer available on the server, they get this error.

Q.4 Why is YouTube giving me an error?

You might get these YuTube error messages for several reasons and no one specific reason. It can be because of bad internet or even other bugs.