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How To Fix YouTube Video Quality Permanently?

Tired of videos running in any resolution? here's what you can do...

Are you tired of trying to understand how to fix YouTube video quality? Lousy video quality can be a significant turn-off when you are trying to watch something on YouTube. Not only does this make things hard to understand, but it also gives a hard time comprehend the meaning of videos. This is why we are here to help you out on how to fix YouTube video quality. Let’s start without any more delay!

Steps To Fix YouTube Video Quality Easily!


Even though there are various ways on how to fix YouTube video upload quality, we have come up with the best one in town. If you are a YouTuber, you might have run into bad-quality uploads of YouTube videos. Take a look at the steps below to sort this issue.

YouTube Video Quality Options Can Help You


We are sure you must be aware of the 4 qualities of different video options. Don’t worry if you are still a caveman; we still admire you, but we must keep you updated!



This feature is on the current network you are connected with. This helps to adjust the video quality automatically to save YouTube data.

Higher Picture Quality

This is the option where you can actually view your YouTube videos in 720p +

Data Saver

Source:- https://www.wikihow.com/Turn-on-the-Data-Saver-on-Instagram-for-Android

This can help you when your YouTube video quality is poor. If you are running tight on the data for the, try switching on the data saver.


You can set your preferred video quality. Simple!

Bonus tip – if you are a hardcore gamer struggling with video quality, we have a solution. Read on how to fix YouTube video quality Xbox 360.

What To Do When YouTube Video Quality Stuck At 480p?


This issue is observed when there is a load on the bandwidth with increased traffic. Looking at the increased data consumption, YouTube made a decision to keep the YouTube video quality in SD ( standard quality)

This is only restricted to the phone, but you can still stream your videos in higher quality on pc.

How To Fix YouTube Upload Quality?


As we are in touch with YouTubers daily, we can understand when there is a degradation in the video quality of YouTube. The one top solution you can do for this is to upload your video as unlisted. We also have a quick solution to the YouTube live stream bad video quality fix!

When you follow these methods, your viewers can only see the video in a high resolution. This way, you can easily access the YouTube video quality on Android. If How to fix bad quality videos on YouTube

How To Change YouTube Video Quality Permanently On An iPhone?

Are you thinking about how to make YouTube videos clear permanently when you’re watching any video on your iPhone or iPad? Well, here’s how:

  1. Tap on your Profile pic in the YouTube app.
  2. Go to Settings.how to fix youtube video quality permanently for iPhone users
  3. Now tap on Video quality preferences.
  4. Select whether you want to change the default video settings for mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  5. Set your preferred video quality. The selected quality will change the resolution for all videos you watch from now on.

how to fix youtube video quality permanently for iPhone users

For all iPhone users, this is the best way to change the resolution for all videos that you watch on the platform. This way, you don’t have to adjust them manually at the start of every video.

How To Change YouTube Video Quality Permanently On An Android Device?

For Android users, the steps aren’t different from those of iOS users. So here’s a quick rundown on how to fix YouTube video quality permanently for Andriod users.

    1. In your YouTube app, tap on your Profile pic.
    2. Tap on Settings.
    3. how to fix youtube video quality permanently for android users Go to Video quality preferences.
    4. You’ll be directed to change video quality on mobile networks and on WI-FI.
    5. how to fix youtube video quality permanently for android users Select your preferred quality; once prompted, it will be turned on for all.


How To Fix YouTube Video Quality Xbox 360?

You can do the following in simple steps!

  1. Turn on the console.
  2. Press RB 6x.
  3. Select A 4x.
  4. Hit the LT.
  5. Tap A to set the optimal resolution.

How To Premiere Pro YouTube Video Low-Quality Fix?


The best step in the simple format to export from Premiere Pro is to select H.264. You can then directly choose the preset to YouTube 1080p! The 1080p can also help you fix YouTube video quality in a jiffy!

How To YouTube Live Stream Bad Video Quality Fix?


You can check the following if your streaming is of lousy quality.

  • Reboot your home network
  • Start your different streaming service
  • Remove some devices from the network coverage
  • You can also change your DNS server along with the VPN!


You can follow the above steps to fix YouTube video quality. Be sure to check out our other blogs on how to improve the sound quality of your video files, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do you Choose Video Quality On YouTube?

You can perform the following task in the settings options.

What Is The Highest Quality Video On YouTube?

4K is the highest quality available on YouTube.

Are YouTube Videos Really 1080p?

Yes! You can easily access them in high quality.

Is 720p Considered HD?

720p is generally considered an HD format! For more information related to YouTube, Click here.

Can I Set a Permanent Video Quality for Offline Videos?

Yes. Go to the YouTube settings page and go to offline settings. Look for “Quality” and select the preferred quality. Once done, all the videos you download will have the same quality.

How Can I Stop YouTube From Autoloading in HD?

Simply go to settings and change the preferred loading quality to the one you want, and when you play videos on Wi-Fi or mobile data, the videos will be loaded in the selected quality.