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How To Get Followers On Twitter? Tips & Tricks (Updated)

How can I get 1000 followers on twitter? How do I get twitter followers 2021?

How To get followers on Twitter? is an age-old question on social media. Twitter is perhaps the most straightforward social media platform to create a following from nothing. It’s a fast-paced and precise application to utilize. Some folks manage to make a post that becomes wildly popular and earn a boatload of new followers as a result. Others tend to be offline at the perfect time and capture something fantastic on tape for their 15 minutes of fame, causing a flood of people to press the follow button. So to answer the question of how to get followers on Twitter? Truth be told, there is no simple answer to it.

How To Get Followers On Twitter Without Following?

7 Tips To Increase Twitter Followers in 2021

We’ll break down how to get Twitter followers in this brief tutorial, whether you’re trying to build your account or beginning from scratch.

In this guide, we will suggest a few steps that will be useful to you in obtaining followers organically without bots, with no spam tactics, and lastly, without buying followers. It will also help you in how to get followers on Twitter with new account. Let us get started.

Tweet More

When in doubt, tweet more. Compared to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter typically requires a more aggressive content approach. People follow accounts because they’re curious about what they’re tweeting. If you tweet frequently, you’ll see an increase in your follower count since there’s more stuff to catch people’s attention.

how to get followers on twitter

There is so much you can tweet on Twitter. There are endless possibilities for posting content. For example, personal updates, retweeting from your followers, current breaking news.

Stay Active And Engaged

Engaging with users is a guaranteed strategy to increase your exposure and build a more considerable following. When you get stuck, this will help you think to yourself how to get followers when you first start. For example, responding to people who have left comments, mentioned your name in the tweet, or contacted you for customer service. After that, it becomes detrimental to stay active or engaged on Twitter.

Customize Your Profile

To get more followers on Twitter, it is necessary to make your profile stand out. Make a bio that is keyword-friendly and contains a link to your website as well as a personal photo or corporate logo. Customize the color scheme and pick a header picture that matches your brand to make your website stand out. Make sure you have a comprehensive profile with your full name or the name of your firm, as well as a handle that is appropriate for your brand. Your followers must know and relate to your bio to follow you. Just a Twitter handle isn’t enough sometimes.

how to get followers on twitter
Twitter Profile

Pay Attention To What’s Happening

Every Social Media platform is different. Like Instagram, it is a photo-sharing app. Similarly, Twitter is a platform to post current events.

how to get followers on twitter
main page

“What’s going on?” Twitter asks each user every day, right at the top of their feed. You don’t have to be a news junkie or keep following the current news all the time. You just have to be aware of what other users are talking about. Keep an eye on for trending topics list. By simply paying attention, it will be easy for you to understand how to get followers on Twitter without following.

Follow The Right Influencers Or People

Follow accounts that you find intriguing. It is ok even if they don’t follow you back. Customize your own Twitter feed for exciting Tweets from people or Influencers you follow. Please don’t go for the ‘follow back’ tactic, as there is no value to that. If you find genuine people on the platform, your interaction with real people will help you gain credibility in the Twitter community.

You’ll definitely receive a follow-back someday, but you’ll have earned it this way, and your new follower will genuinely pay attention to what you publish in the future.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are perhaps Twitter’s most powerful feature. Harness the power of hashtags. Consider Twitter hashtags as a means to make your postings more searchable, almost as a type of Twitter SEO. Tweets containing hashtags, like photographs, tend to get more interaction than those without.

how to get followers on twitter

The main caution with hashtags is to use them sparingly and not in excess. At first sight, posts with a lot of hashtags appear spammy and are otherwise annoying. Ideally, you should limit yourself to one or two options.

Include Good Content And Images

If the end goal you think of is how to get followers on Twitter new account, let your account grow organically. For example, it is observed images receive a lot more traffic than other content. If you want to boost your Twitter followers, make sure you’re providing high-quality information that’s varied. Pinning your most exciting tweets to the top of your profile can help you put your best foot forward. That’ll be the first tweet people see when they reach your page. There are some ways you can get followers organically, is to Use Twitter polls, promote brand and industry news and events, and highlighting customer tales and recent blog entries.


Have you figured out how to get followers on Twitter? Increasing your Twitter following does not happen overnight. It requires a combination of content preparation, communicating with your followers and users, and optimizing your profile.

Start with these steps if you’ve been trying to find out how to obtain more Twitter followers. Many demand a short amount of effort, but they may significantly impact new leads, customers, and brand awareness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How can I get 1000 followers on twitter?

Answer: A few things will help you gain 1000 followers on Twitter, consistently tweeting, using relevant hashtags, tweeting good content, and not adopting the follow back strategy.

Q.2 How do I get twitter followers 2021?

Answer: In your Twitter bio, use SEO keywords.
Look for people who are discussing your niche.
Embedding a Twitter badge on your website is a good idea.
Include a link to your Twitter account in your newsletter.
Include Twitter as a means of communication.
Provide a reward for Twitter followers.

Q.3 Is it hard to get followers on twitter?

Answer: It does not have to be challenging, but it can prove to be quite a challenge. Schedule your Tweets in a way that looks like consistent tweets.