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How Does YouTube Store Videos? Do they have Unlimited Storage and will YouTube ever run out of space?

Does YouTube store videos in a database? Will YouTube ever run out of space?

Are you thinking about how does YouTube store videos? As you know, storage is like an eternal part of our lives. We can literally store everything, so later on, there is no issue of losing some data. YouTube has adopted the same strategy to store its gems. So without any further delay, let’s get to know how does YouTube store videos.

Can You Know How Does YouTube Store Videos?

Did you know before YouTube was taken over by Google, there was little to no staff present? Take a look at the below-listed staff! With such a limited number of staff, are you wondering how does youtube store all the videos?

  • 2 system admin
  • 2scalability software architect
  • 2 feature developers
  • 2 network engineers
  • 1 DBA

While the company started off with just this many appointed staff, it was a little overbearing to store data. The videos are stored in the hard drives in warehouse-scale Google data centers. You can find this data in the Google file system and the big table. When there is a need to manage the large-scale data in a comprehensive environment, the GFS Google file system is used.


You may wonder what a big table is. It is nothing but a low latency distributed data storage system built on the Google file system. It has to deal with petabyte-scale data spread over numerous machines. This is used by almost 60 Google products. These videos get stored in the hard drives. Metadata, user preferences, profile information, are carried forward for storage in MySQL.

What Are Plug And Play?


The plug-and-play commodity servers are also an essential part of who storing process. The Google data centers have homogenous hardware and software which is inbuilt. This helps to manage the cluster created by thousands of individual servers. Let’s understand this process in a deeper functioning.

When these servers are put at work, they are known as commercial off-the-shelf servers. As they are cost-effective, you can buy them in large quantities! The plus point Is that they can be set in configuration with the same hardware in the data center with minimal cost and effort.


As time passed, the company saw a surge in demand for additional storage. Commodity workers are the best option for this!  We will tell you about the advantage of commodity servers. Did you know that adapting to this method can cut down the infrastructure cost in a prolonged time? We have just completed half of the topic on how does YouTube store all the videos!

How Does YouTube Store So Many Videos- Storage Disks


With the vast number of daily uploading, do you think YouTube storage would just toil around with petabyte storage capacity? Then how does YouTube store so many videos? Well, this is where they use the hard spinning disk. Spinning hard disks are eventually the primary storage medium. Many successful establishments partake in this strategy as it’s low investment and has big-time reliability.

Have you heard about the SSD solid state drivers? As compared to the commodity drivers, they are more performant. They are semiconductors. You cannot use them on a large scale business as they are not economical. You may need to flush out all the money or, moreover, your savings.

How Can You Judge The Quality Of Hardware Built For Data Storage?


Before making a hefty investment, you should always try to get the ideal hardware for data storage. Below listed is the perfect list of qualities you should look out for in the hardware selection!

  • There should be a high rate of support for the extensive input-output operations per second.
  • The security standards need to be in sync.
  • The storage capacity should be more than the regular storage hardware.
  • Keep in check all the costs. The acquisition cost, power cost alongside the maintenance. Overheads should not drain your overall long-term plan.
  • Last but not least, disks should be reliable and have high consistent latency.

How Does YouTube Store Infrequently Watched Videos?


Even if videos do not gather much engagement, the data is still available on the data drives. You don’t need to worry about them, as you can get your hands on them!

How Long Does YouTube Store Videos?


If this was a scene, how would you be able to watch your favorite creator’s initial videos?! Your video will still be visible after a long too! YouTube can store your videos for an extended period. This is how does YouTube store all its videos.


We hope that we have solved your question on how does YouTube store videos! You can check out our other blogs on data usage on YouTube too! See you around!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Does YouTube store videos in a database?
Yes! all videos are present in a database
Will YouTube ever run out of space?
No! read the paragraphs mentioned above to know more
Is it free to store videos on YouTube?
Yes, it is free of cost!