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How To Cite A YouTube Video In APA? A Beginner’s Guide

How do you cite a YouTube video in APA ? How do you cite YouTube videos APA Style?

Are you wondering how to cite a YouTube video in APA? Well, this is no more a secret as we are about to the final revelation of how to cite a youtube video in APA. So without wasting any further time, let us get started!

Steps On How To Cite A YouTube Video In APA?

The first and foremost thing to cite a YouTube video, you need to have the person or the organization’s name included. This is the person who has uploaded that particular video to the social engine. Their channel name, upload date, the title of the video, and the site’s name are also necessary.

Where Can You Find The Citation Information For A YouTube Video?

If you are wondering how to in text cite a YouTube video APA, the information you need can be easily located on YouTube. The data is situated just below the respective video as in the image shown below!


Did you know that the video’s author might and might not be the same human who has created that video? While working with the APA, It would help if you kept in mind that uploading the uploaders name is in the author’s position.

You can come across situations where the original name of the author is different from the YouTube name. If this is the case, you need to follow the protocol cal as stated below!

The real name of the uploader is written in the standard format

The channel name is written down in square brackets and is written exactly as it is on YouTube. You don’t have to include any capitalisation or spacing.


In any case, the author’s real name is unknown, or the upload is not counted as an individual; the channel’s name is included solely.

How To cite A YouTube Video APA in the text?

In case you want to in-text citation of a YouTube video, all you need to do is use the name which appears at first in the whole source.

The above answers are for the question on how to cite a YouTube video in APA 7th edition.

How To Cite A YouTube Channel?

Have you encountered a case where you want to cite a whole YouTube channel? As this is a widespread possibility, we have come packed with a solution for the above!

You don’t need to include the year that particular channel was created. You can use the “n.d.” as it’s the current content of the track that’s relevant. Type down the youtube channel instead of the video in the square-shaped brackets. You also need to include a retrieval date since the channel’s content may change over the period.


We hope that we have solved all your issues regarding how to cite a YouTube video in APA. You can also check out our other blogs on YouTube CPM, as they will be very informative. See you soon!

Frequently asked questions

How Do You Cite A YouTube Video In APA in-text?

You can follow the above-portrayed method to do so!

How Do You APA Cite A Video?

Citing APA in a video is pretty simple. Just make sure to add the uploader  real name!

How Do You Cite A Video In APA 7?

The above steps are the most recent version of how to cite a video in APA 7.

Do You Italicize YouTube Video Titles?

You can head over to the setting options in YouTube’s algorithm workings.