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YouTube CPM-Updated 2023

What is the average CPM on YouTube? What is the highest CPM on YouTube?

Many new YouTubers struggle to understand precisely about YouTube CPM. We know that getting to know these new terms can look intimidating when you start off. As time proceeds, you will get used to CPM. So without any further delay, let’s dive into the meaning of YouTube CPM and how to calculate it.

How to understand what is YouTube CPM?


CPM or also commonly known as cost per 1000 impressions is a great way to keep your YouTube revenues running. It is basically the cost that the advertisers need to pay to you when they put up ads on your channel. You can receive the payments once there are about 1000 impressions on their ad. This was the most simple CPM YouTube meaning available.

The ad price on YouTube is mostly dependent on two major factors:-

  • Bidding price
  • Type of ad

How Can You Calculate Your CPM Online?

The simple answer is Google. Even if you are not sure how to calculate your CPM, you can take the help of online calculators like the social blade.

What Is The Average CPM On YouTube?


Depending upon your popularity and the number of businesses that work with you, your average CPM can vary in a large manner.  In the United States, the CPM noted at the average rate was between $6-$8.

Who Has The Highest CPM On YouTube?

The top on the list for the highest CPM is conquered by the Maldives with $15.47. followed by Guadeloupe with $10.97.

YouTube CPM rates by niche- How To Calculate them?

Choosing a YouTube niche is the most important when you deciding a career in YouTube. The most loved and popular niches are as follows:-

  • Gaming


If you are a gamer, this is the perfect dome for you. Not to forget, this is super popular among young teenagers.

  • Food And Cooking Can Help You Earn CPM YouTube Easily


This niche can work in your favor if you are a foodie or a chef. Even if you are none of the above, you can still excel in this category, we would still encourage you to give this a try.

  • Healthy life 


Did you know that leading a healthy life can give you a healthy CPM too? You heard it right, once you capture your audience’s attention with proper diet routines and yoga classes, you won’t be troubled with the question of how to increase CPM rate without any issues.


We hope that you found our guide useful about what is YouTube CPM. If you feel that you have the jest to start a new YouTube channel after reading this, check out our blog on YouTube creator academy. You will learn a lot of new tricks and hacks there. See you soon!