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How To Make Money Playing Video Games?

What apps pay you real money to play games? Can I earn money from playing games?

Want to know how to make money playing video games? Let’s give you a fact. Many young people actually get paid to play video games in 2022! Be it Twitch or YouTube, people are searching for ways to earn money playing all the popular games. If you come in the same criteria, let’s show you some of the best games that you can play to get that extra bucks! Mission- how to make money playing video games is on!

Steps On How To Make Money Playing Video Games

Play games and earn money

No wonder there are many ways you can earn money online. The most famous one being video games, accumulated the most attention. You can learn if you can make money playing games, but the underlying fact is that you still need to do the hard work. You should also consider that this is a heavily populated market and you will have competition. So be sure you don’t lose what you love trying to earn money! Now that we are done with the psychology talks look at how you can start earning money by playing video games!

Host Gaming podcasts

Make money playing games

Want to speak more and pay less? We have got you covered! You can now record your views about various games and convert them into a podcast. You still need to regularly upload your podcast on social media platforms, and the best app for uploading a podcast is Spotify and YouTube.

Head over to gaming tournaments

Earn money from games

Did you know that ninja actually got his fame from playing gaming tournaments? You can play games that are famous and get sponsorship. A tiny reminder, the people you will be competing with, are also well experienced. So be prepared to find a popular PvP game with many tournaments. You can also earn good money from this if your practice well!

Test the games to make money playing videos games.


The best one yet, you can become a beta tester for games. As you know, before a launch, a game will go through many trials to remove any potential risks. While you can easily play these videos games, you can also make ample money from them. We guess learning how to make money from games is easy after all.

How To Make Money Playing Video Games On Your Phone?

how to make money from games

Want to know if you can earn money while playing games from your phone? Well, the answer is a big yes! Take a look at the below-listed methods to achieve it. While everything is possible, there is a slight drawback in earning money by phone. The thing is that when you play games, you will make a few cents. In addition, you can withdraw your earnings after you have gathered a reasonable amount.

Are any apps that actually pay you money to play?

earn money from games

Hmm. Good question. We have made a list of top applications to help you make money playing.

  • Game of Thrones slot casino
  • Willy Wonka slots
  • Inbox dollars
  • My points

Pro-tip. You can also rewards using Google play rewards. Be sure to download it if you would like to make money daily!

Make Money Playing Video Games Without Streaming

how to make money by playing

We are sure you are familiar with the streaming option to earn money. Live streaming is available on highly-rated apps such as YouTube and Twitch. But if you are shy about showing your face, take a look at the below-listed hacks for you!

  • Ebook games writer. Perfect for a writer with a gaming knack
  • Video games journalist
  • Video game coach if you have excelled in a few games
  • eSports professional gamer

How to make money playing video games at home?

Well, the home gamer can actually make money by the above-stated methods. You can quickly sign up as a Podcaster and create videos from home. You can also earn money little money by playing mobile games. Another option is that you can develop a game by sitting at home.


We hope that you have understood the basics of how to make money playing video games! Be sure to play these games and earn money regularly! See you around!

Frequently asked questions

Ques.1. Can you make money just playing video games?

There are chances that you can easily make money by playing video games easily! But you need to keep in mind that you can only earn a small amount daily.

Ques.2. How can I legally make money playing games?

The best way to earn while playing is by participating in tournaments that take place regularly. You can also live stream on twitch to get fame and make money easily!

Ques.3 What app games actually pay money?

Many games actually claim to provide you the money if you play them. While this is not true in most cases, we have curated the fair games that actually pay you for playing games! Take a look below.

  • Game of Thrones slot casino
  • Willy Wonka slots
  • Inbox dollars
  • My points

Ques.4 Do PayPal games pay real money?

There are chances that Paypal might actually pay you for playing games. All you need to do is abide by the rules laid down by the company and start earning!