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Who Is Simon Parkes YouTube? Everything you need to know about (Updated 2023)

Who Is Simon Parkes On Youtube, Age, Wiki, Biography?

Are you wondering who is Simon Parkes YouTube? With his name breaking the Google trends, it is obvious to be curious about the name. But you don’t need to worry as we will provide you with the best to the dept detail about who Simon is and how he rose to fame! So what are we waiting for? Let’s start with knowing everything about Simon Parkes YouTube!

What Is Simon Parkes YouTube Famous For?

Simon Parkes YouTube

Simon Parkes is a former British councilor in Whitby, North Yorkshire, if you don’t have any idea. Also, known for his name in labor politician, the man has managed to create fame supporting his name!

He also believes in UFOs and aliens, which many of us take for being fake! How would you react if you listened to someone telling you that aliens are real? Parkes YouTube is also famous for making statements that make no sense to the human mind. Some of his works include topics about life beyond the death and universe trilogy!

He is also the founder of the organization connecting consciousness. His organization states Simon’s facts about learning more about spirituality, self-development, and working on the same!

What is the age of Simon Parkes?

For the year 2023, Simon is aged around 62 years of age! He also has a wife named Jacquie parks!

What Are Some Of The Interesting Facts About Parkes YouTube Channel?

Simon Parkes YouTube

Parkes British councilor managed to make their name with the help of the below-listed interesting stating! Take a look at them!

  • Simon Parkes YouTube channel has 620k subscribers with 3.4 views on a single video.
  • Councilor parks is a former driving instructor too! He also made the headlines with having an extraordinary child named Zarka.
  • Parkes YouTube was sent an invitation by the British ministry to join a secret camp based in the UK.
  • Connecting consciousness has around 100k followers from all over the world


We hope that we have successfully cleared the fog around Simon Parkes YouTube! If you are a YouTuber planning to become famous, be sure to read about how YouTube became popular.