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What Does Highlighted Comment Mean on YouTube?

Who can highlight my YouTube comments? Does YouTube automatically highlight your comment?

Does it ever strike you about what does highlighted comment mean on YouTube? Let’s try to understand this. You were watching your favorite YouTuber’s content, and you left a comment among the other 100s.  after some time, you get a comment that the respective YouTuber liked your comment. We are sure you must be gleeful. But have you noticed a small box where something called “highlighted comment” appears above your comment? This is what we will talk about in today’s topic. So without any more delay, let us understand what does highlighted comment on YouTube mean.

A Small Guide To Satiate Your Question On What Does Highlighted Comment Mean On YouTube



When you interact with someone’s video by leaving a comment, there are chances that your friend replies to the particular comment. Also, you receive a notification stating a specific person has responded to you, which takes you directly to your comment. The highlighted portion is basically there to make it easier to access the comment without any difficulty.

Who Can Highlight Your Video Comments?

If the question regarding what a highlighted comment on YouTube means, we are sure who can highlight your comments has also come into play. Irrespective of gender, caste, and nationality, anyone and everyone can highlight your comment by replying to it.

How Can You Remove Highlighted Comments On YouTube Easily?

YouTube creates a unique URL when a highlighted comment is made. You can easily do this by restoring the URL back to its original state.

What Are The Primary Uses Of Highlighted Comments?

The highlighted comment is to help the users who left a comment on a channel to navigate back there easily.

How Can Highlighted Comments Benefit The YouTube Content Creator?


There is a point where you, as YouTuber, encourage people to leave a comment and try to interact with them to increase your goodwill and the engagement rate. And as we know, an increased engagement rate leads to get free YouTube views, thus helping to promote your channel indirectly.


We hope the clouds of doubt on the topic “what does highlighted comment mean on YouTube are now in the clear sky. Please be sure to check out our other blogs on Why YouTube vanced is not working. See you soon.