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YouTube Memes: Best 5 ways to Build Trending Content

Where can I find YouTube memes? What is the most popular topic on YouTube?

We are sure watching YouTube Memes is one of your favorite pastimes. You are probably looking into your phone and smiling at a meme your best friend sent, and the people around you might think you’re probably talking to someone special! We are sure this might have happened to you. So if you’re a YouTuber, let’s get to know how to use YouTube memes to build trending content on your YouTube channel.

Top 5 ways to get your video trending by using YouTube memes

Here are some ideas that will help you to add memes YT in your content:

Include YouTube Memes in a part of your video

You can include YT video memes in your content. We all know how viral memes and get and if you want your videos to go viral, you can definitely use memes in YT videos. For example, if you are going to prank your audience in your video, you can add the ‘A few moments later’ meme in your video to keep your viewers glued to your videos.

Make Videos Discussing Dank Memes YouTube

Dank memes are nothing but the viral internet content that went out of trend due to it’s overusage. Or the usage of the meme was out of trend. You can make a compilation of dank memes YouTube videos because everyone likes memes. Watching old memes is like watching your childhood memories and getting nostalgic!

Use Memes YouTube for Reference

Who cannot relate to memes? We all can! Add YouTube memes in your videos where you think your audience will be able to relate with the emotions you are adding in your content. Here are some memes you can add in your videos to make them relatable.

YouTube Memes to promote your content

Why not use trendy YT videos to promote your YouTube videos? You know how quickly memes travel and how viral your video can get if you use memes YouTube to create content. Watch how PewDiePie is reviewing the trending memes in his videos.

Attract audience

Usually memes travel through other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. You can try to attract audience from your social media platforms to your YouTube videos. We know how quickly a new meme travels and you can use this as an advantage to Buy views on your YouTube channel!


Use trending YouTube trending memes in between your videos and go ahead and get viral on YT!

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