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YouTube Sidebar Missing : 6 Methods to fix it in 2023

How do I fix YouTube sidebar not showing? How do you get the YouTube sidebar?

Many users have reported their YouTube sidebar missing using online forums like Quora and Twitter. Don’t be baffled if you face a similar issue as we are here today with 6 guaranteed solutions.

The YouTube dashboard has two sidebars; the left shows options like Trending, Subscription, library, history, and many more. Whereas the right sidebar shows suggested videos and extensions while playing any videos on YouTube. So let’s get started on how to fix YouTube Sidebar Missing.

YouTube sidebar

Here are the 6 methods to workaround if the YouTube sidebar missing:

  • Open YouTube in incognito mode
  • Clear the cache and Cookies
  • Re-log into your account
  • Disable Chrome Extensions
  • Clear Chrome Browsing data and reset
  • Check YouTube Menu bar and Zoom level

Open YouTube in incognito mode

In the incognito mode, Chrome doesn’t save the cookies, caches and browsing history. Many users have found opening YouTube in incognito mode helpful in solving their “YouTube sidebar not showing” issue. You should try this method too.

You can use the shortcut “ctrl”+”shift”+”n” to open an incognito window.

YouTube side bar missing solutions

Clear all YouTube Cache and Cookies

All the YouTube saved cache and cookies can be the reason your YouTube sidebar is not showing. To resolve this issue you need to clear all the YouTube cache and cookies. To do so follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Open Chrome Settings. Select “Privacy and security” then scroll down to find “Site settings”

YouTube Sidebar Missing

  • Scroll down to find “Cookies and site data” under content.

sidebar missing

  • Next, scroll down to “All cookies and site data.” In the search bar put YouTube and remove all the cookies under the it.

youtube sidebar missing

Now open youtube and check if the sidebar is visible again. If not then try the next solution.

Re-log into your account

Another way to get the missing YT sidebar back is by simply signing out of your YouTube account and residing in it.

Sign out of YouTbe

Disable Chrome Extensions

The next method to find your missing YouTube sidebar on desktop is through disabling all the active Chrome extensions.

Open Chrome settings and select Extensions. Then disable all the extensions.


Check YouTube Menu bar and Zoom level

Open YouTube and Click on the three lines on the left-hand side. If you don’t see the YouTube sidebar it might be because the chrome screen zooms level has been increased. By default chrome zoom level is 100 but sometimes the zoom level increases to around 200 and both the YouTube sidebar disappears.

Reduce the zoom level back to 100 and you will then see the YouTube sidebar again.


Let us know which method helped you get the YouTube sidebar Missing back. Try the solutions in the order they are recommended as the top ones are more likely to work.

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