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How the New YouTube Update is letting Creator’s Down?

What are the new rules of YouTube 2021? YouTube to run more ads; make rules tighter for content creators

YouTube, the world’s largest video-sharing platform, has rolled out a new set of rules for creators in the U.S. The update to its Terms of Service has been a letdown for creators in terms of revenue, especially on small channels. 

Right to Monetize

According to the updated Terms of Service, a new section under the name Right to Monetize allows the platform to run ads on non-monetized channels. The catch here is creators won’t get a penny out of this. Unless the creator is a part of the YouTube Partner Program, they won’t get to share in the revenue. 

To be a part of this program, a creator will have to meet the eligibility criteria, which state that a creator needs to have 4,000 public watch hours in a period of 12 months and more than 1,000 subscribers. 

Creators on YouTube use this platform to earn some side money while others make their living through their channel. Though this update will only affect a small number of videos only in the U.S. for now, according to the company, by next year, as the terms are updated, it will affect all videos in all regions. 

The only thing that remains unaffected is Google withholding taxes from revenue payments treated as royalties for creators based in the U.S. as long as they have valid tax documentation. 

The platform has specifically mentioned that under no circumstances will it collect any personal information from users unless permitted.