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How To Make the Best Title for a YouTube Video?

What’s the first thing that viewers see when a YouTube notification appears on their notification bar? The title of your video, which gives them an idea about the content uploaded by the YouTuber. Writing doesn’t come easy to everyone, but it isn’t rocket science either. 

Did you know that “Well-written titles can boost your video views by 2x? 

Then arises the question – How to make the Best Title for a YouTube Video?

Yes! You read it right. Your YouTube title needs to be catchy and interactive.  You can do so by using the “Guide to” or “How to” formula, make it unique by using numbers and specific to your content, induce a sense of urgency, add keywords, make it a call to action. Thinking, “easier said than done!” Well, here’s how you can do it!

Give rise to strong emotions

give rise to strong emotions in title

When people visit your channel, the first thing that they look for is interesting and useful content. They look for videos that evoke a particular emotion, that makes them feel something, videos that make them undergo a sense of excitement. Since everyone desires to experience a surge of strong feelings, your YouTube video titles should portray these feelings. 

Your titles need to appeal more to the five senses than to anything else. Rope in words that may help people sense something through one of the five senses! When you read about the ocean, your senses will automatically imagine the sound of the waves. In the same way, your titles need to hit the reader’s senses. Titles such as “Cook up a pudding in 5 minutes” work wonders with readers. Make your YouTube titles irresistible! Use words that could put one’s senses on work! 

Write as you talk 

write as you talk

Writing like a Linguist or a Grammar Nazi won’t get you far with your audience. It all depends on the type of content your video revolves around. While avoiding grammatical errors is essential, using high-end language in your title and description isn’t appealing. Write in a way you would talk to your audience if they were right there in front of you. 

Titles that are straight to the point and convey to your audience what your video is all about will make them want to click on it rather than beating around the bush with sophisticated language or writing irrelevant YouTube titles, turning your videos into click-baits.


Use words that persuade 

use words that persuade

People hate missing out on new trending videos that have gone viral or memes made on those videos. Imagine your video turned into memes that people love but don’t know about the video because the title didn’t make them want to click on it. As a creator, you need to evoke FOMO – the fear of missing out, through your YouTube video title.

Use words that provoke an action like “instantly” suggesting saving of time, “Free” suggesting saving of money, “Now” conveying a sense of urgency, and so on. If you don’t want your video to get lost in the endless ocean of content, you can use one of these techniques to make your video clickable. Entice your readers to discover something exclusive.

Toss questions 

toss questions


Questions play an exciting role while writing titles for your videos. Imagine reading Why is “Friends” is better than “Game of Throne”? or the classic Indian question: “Why did Katappa kill Bahubali?” your fingers will definitely feel tempted on such titles to know more about the content. You can try including such questions revolving around your content to make them want to come to your channel.

If, by any chance, your title fails, make sure that the thumbnail comes to your rescue. The best thing about pictures is that they save the effort of imagining. Through photos, you can spoon-feed the purpose of your title visually. But keep in mind that one wrong image can do as much damage as the right image can benefit you. Think of which YouTube video title you clicked on while you were researching your video content, and you will learn the correct way to do it. Up your thumbnail game using tools like Canva because a picture speaks a thousand words.