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What is YouTube BHM? Learn everything about who created the BHM Logo?

What is the BHM logo on YouTube? What does YouTube BHM mean? New February logo explained!

YouTube is used by billions of people worldwide regularly. Almost everyone either has a YouTube channel or follows one. While influencers use the platform to create informative and entertaining content, others use this platform to watch videos for the same purposes. Just like creators on YouTube customize their thumbnails to attract more viewers to their channel, YouTube, from time to time, changes its logo to suit a particular occasion throughout the year. These unique logos are called “Yoodles.”

Recently, users came across a new logo called the BHM logo. YT changing its logo is something you cannot miss. What is the BHM logo on YouTube? Almost everyone has been wondering what it means. Who created the BHM logo? Here’s what we know.

What is YouTube BHM?


On February 1st, YouTube changed its logo to YouTube BHM. “BHM” stands for “Black History Month,” and the logo is adorned with the colors Orange, Red, and Blue. YouTube plans on changing its logo every week this month to pay tribute to the many iconic personalities and events from the Black community. Hence people living in the US and Canada celebrate this event, only they will see the new logo.

Who created the BHM logo?


Therefore, Typography artist Leandro Assis is the YouTube Black History Month logo’s creator. Assis, known for his creative work, hails from Rio, Brazil, and has created similar artwork mostly revolving around black culture and LGBTQ+ rights. His style includes bold graphic letters in colorful palettes.

Hence, YouTube uploaded a one-minute video featuring illustrations created by the artist as he speaks about the logo and his inspiration behind it.

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