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How Much Money is 1 Million Views on YouTube?

Have you ever wondered how much money is 1 million views on YouTube? YouTube views play an important role if you are looking to grow your channel. The world’s largest video-sharing platform has a few rules for monetizing a channel based on the number of views a video has. Understanding how views are counted on YouTube is crucial. In this blog, let’s look at how YouTube counts views and how much it pays for 1 million views.

Understanding YouTube real time views?

YouTube counts views when a user watches a video for at least 30 seconds on its platform. These views need to come from real people. YouTube won’t count a view if you watch a video for less than 30 seconds, but if you spend a total of 30 seconds watch time even after skipping a few parts of the video, it counts it as a view. The reason behind the 30-second watch is, YouTube decides whether a video is worth monetizing on this basis.

How much does YouTube Pay for 1 Million Views?


You can earn between 2000 USD to 5000 USD per million views on YouTube, depending on the niche, audience, and targeting. This applies to channels with a good viewership and subscriber base and has been on the platform for years. If you are new to the platform and are looking to increase your views, here are two ways to do that. You can either create high-quality content or opt for services like Veefly that help creators gain more views on their videos while opening up your channel to a brand new set of audience.

What else can you do to increase engagement on your videos? Here are a few factors that have a significant impact on your video’s average engagement:

  • Thumbnail
  • Content
  • Video quality
  • Length of the video
  • Video title and description

Now that you are familiar with the different factors that affect average engagement on your videos let’s look at how you can increase engagement on your YouTube videos.

Best 5 Ways to Increase Your YouTube Engagement

Best Ways to Increase YT Views

1. Create an attractive thumbnail

Youtube Thumbnail Ideas

According to experts, channels with customized thumbnails receive better engagement and rank higher compared to channels without it. Creators on YouTube can use YouTube Studio to do so. Keep in mind to go for bright colors with readable texts to grab your user’s attention. Many beginners on the platform clutter their thumbnails with colors, texts, and graphics. Avoid doing this; it will only make the user want to scroll past your video or channel.

Youtube Video Ideas

2. Upload compelling content

Content is one of the most important aspects of video creation. When a user visits your channel by clicking on your attractive thumbnail, the next thing that he/she will look for is quality content. You can have the most visually appealing channel, but if your content’s quality is not up to the mark, you won’t be able to turn users into subscribers. Focus on your niche and on creating engaging content.

3. Create high-quality videos

With numerous camera options available today, it’s easy to record videos in high quality. If your recording is pixelated or you’re using too many effects and graphics in your videos, it will only drive your potential subscribers’ base away. Invest in the right recording equipment along with simple and attractive creatives.

4. Keep it short

According to statistics, people prefer watching short videos over long ones. Keep your content short and to the point to increase your chances at higher engagement. While watching videos, users get bored quickly if a video is too long. Avoid embedded too many ads and balance the ratio with quality content that is either informative or entertaining.

5. Use keywords in the title and description

YouTube Title Ideas

Video titles and descriptions play an important role in search engine ranking and engagement. You can conduct thorough keyword research and include them in your video’s title and description. Keep your title short but use words to make users want to click on your video. On the other hand, your description will help the algorithm understand what your video is about. Your title will give users a better understanding of your video’s content.

YouTube Engagement Metrics

  1. Watch Time
  2. Audience retention
  3. Engagement
  4. Playlists
  5. Keywords


1. What is YouTube Watch Time?

Watch time is the number of minutes viewers spend watching your video. This metric helps with a higher ranking on YouTube’s search engine result page. With higher watcher time, you have a better chance of appearing at the top. This metric helps YouTube understand that your video is engaging and users are interested in watching it.

2. What is Audience Retention?

Audience retention is a way to measure the number of viewers who watch your video and those who stop watching. If you have higher retention on your videos, you have a better chance to rank higher on SERP. Your audience retention report on YouTube will show you how well your video is performing, and accordingly, you can change your future video content strategy.

3. How engagement metrics matter

Engagement metrics show the number of times your video interacted with your audience. It includes views, likes, dislikes, comments, and subscriptions. This metric decides how popular your channel is on the platform. This metric will help you understand what part of your video your audience enjoyed the most you can use in your future videos while also showing you the parts where your audience found your content boring. This will allow you to avoid those bits to increase your engagement rate.

4. Why create playlists?

Playlists help organize your videos on your channel. You can create playlists based on the different content you have on your channel. When a user plays a video from your playlist, the next video directly plays after without clicking on it. This keeps the audience engaged and curious about the different videos you have in store for them. You can line up your best videos under one playlist to build on what you already have.

5. Use rich long-tail keywords

Keywords are crucial to getting the algorithm’s attention. You can use online tools to search for keywords related to your video content and embed them in your title and description. When a user types something related to your content, you have a better chance of appearing among the top results if you have used the right keywords in the right way.


We have reached the end of this blog. I hope by now you know how you can earn money on YouTube through your videos and channel. YouTube is improving day by day utilizing various metrics to rank a video. Creating compelling content is just one side of the coin, the next big challenge is to rank in the list of top YouTube Videos. This is where you can gain real subscribers and earn likes.

If you are finding this too challenging then there is nothing to worry about. If you are good on the content side then there are ample platforms that can help market your video to the right audience. For example, “VEEFLY” where you can focus on making unique content and worry less about reaching the perfect audience. Veefly focuses on placing your content in front of the right audience at the right time. This is where you can outsmart your competitors and increase your YouTube channel’s views and popularity.