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YouTube Toughens Policy On Firearm Videos To Protect Youth Users

YouTube restricts harmful and inappropriate content for underage!

YouTube is full of videos that break its rules and can be harmful to young people. These videos need to be taken down to make YouTube a safe place for everyone. To help protect underage users from dangerous content, YouTube has finally updated its policy on firearm videos. Let’s know everything needed.

YouTube Is Changing Its Rules To Protect It’s Younger Users From Gun Videos


YouTube announced on Wednesday that it is prohibiting videos demonstrating homemade guns, firearms accessories, and automatic weapons to Younger users.

Katie Paul, director of the Tech Transparency project, said, “Firearms are the number one cause of death for children and teens in America.” She also questioned why the platform took so long to change the policy.

YouTube already has a policy against harmful videos, but still, YouTubers could freely upload firearm videos that affect users who are underage. There are many gun videos available on YouTube. If we casually mention the number of such videos, it can go above hundreds.


TikTok and YouTube are some of the platforms that are immensely used by youngsters. Hence, ensuring they don’t see content gun and firearm videos on YouTube is crucial. If you are a content creator on YouTube, avoid violating community guidelines to maintain a safer growing place for you and your audience.