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YouTube Is Testing Out AI-Generated Green Screen For YouTube Shorts

YouTube pivoted its entire focus to generating AI-generated features to make the creator’s life a little easier. Last month, it tested many features, including an AI tool for getting ideas for videos. Now, you have an AI-generated green screen for YouTubers, which is also known as Dream Screen.

YouTube Will Soon Allow You To Create Backgrounds Using The AI Tool: Dream Screen

dream-screen feature-youtube shorts

Google announced on June 3 that it was experimenting with the green screen on YouTube, and the feature is now available for a small group of users. However, green screens for YouTubers isn’t a completely new concept, as it was once released back in 2022.

Earlier, when users had this feature, they could pick images from the gallery and use them as a YouTube short background. Through Dream Screen on YouTube, you can generate the image you want to add to the background within the application.

The primary purpose of developing a new green screen is to save money for small creators, free them from buying physical green screens, and simplify editing.

To access the dream screen on YouTube, go to the Create option and tap on the green screen. If you cannot access the feature for now, you can use gemini.google.com as a workaround to experience it.


Google is continuously innovating in the realm of AI, and their latest project involves testing an exciting new feature called Dream Screen. This feature saves creators’ time and energy in shooting a video to get different locations for the backdrop. It helps to choose or create virtual images or animations for the background.