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Best YouTube Channel Name Ideas – YouTube Channel names

How do I find my unique YouTube channel name? YouTube Channel Names: Name Ideas For Your Channel

Are you a beginner on YouTube and wondering what name should your channel have? The competition on YouTube has been rising day by day. YouTube has more than 37 million active channels currently. With so many channels how will you make your channel stand out? As a beginner, you will find it a little difficult to build your content and find a unique name for your channel. But some of you must have thought about a name before you starting YouTube channel Today, I am going to share a few tips to find distinctive, creative, and best YouTube channel name ideas.

What is a YouTube Channel name?

YouTube Channel name is your official name on YouTube. You can select a name according to the content you want to share on your channel. Your channel can either have your first and last name. Or you can name your channel that represents your content on YouTube like The Food ranger if you make videos on food reviews or share recipes.


Importance of YouTube Channel name

Your channel name is going to be like a brand. It is going to appear every time you upload a video. Every time people search for videos or click on your channel, your name comes up. Your channel name conveys to the audience what type of content you share. You need to be accurate while selecting a name for your channel since it works like a brand for you. It’s a foundation stone on which you are going to build success and gradually build a brand. It’s the first impression, hence, it should be the best!

Best YouTube channel name ideas

Categorize and select a channel name

Before you decide on a name for your channel, categorizing your channel is very important. These are the four main categories:

Brand: Adidas

Name: Charlie Puth

Division: Cinemassacre

Representation: Ultimate Rap League

Your channel name should suit your content

If you have a fitness channel, where you share videos about workouts and diets, name your channel that suits your channel content. For eg, HASfit.

Have a unique name

Having a unique name is very important as it needs to stand out from other channels. For eg, if your channel is growing on YouTube and is on the stage of becoming a brand, another channel might name their channel with a similar name as yours. This will confuse your audience.

Select an easy name

Choose a name that can be pronounced and memorized easily. Having a complex name will make it difficult for your viewers to find your videos.

Do not use numbers

Avoid using numbers in your user name. Again, this makes it difficult for people to search your channel. Also, using numbers in your user name will make it look fake or suspicious.

Domain name

Once you have built your channel, you might want to build a domain to expand your brand. But its not necessary to include ‘.com’, ‘.net’ in your user name.

Link Social media accounts

Before creating a YouTube Channel name, check if the name is available on other social media accounts. Linking your social media accounts to YouTube proves your authenticity to the viewers

Use a YouTube name Generator

Use a YouTube name maker or a YouTube name Generator like SpinXO and Shopify business name generator to produce names automatically. Also, read our guide on how to manage your YouTube channel brand.