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Premiere Pro Vs After Effects: Which Software To Choose?

Check which video editing software best suits your needs.

Are you confused between After Effects vs Premiere Pro to enhance your video editing project? Relax. This article will help you gain a crystal clear understanding of the functionalities of these two powerful applications and assist you in selecting the one that fits your needs better. Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro are highly preferred video editing software that can scale your video production quality to new heights.

Adobe Premiere Pro Vs After Effects

While both Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects provide brilliant tools for video editing, your choice of selection depends on your needs and video editing goals. You can also create a video montage to give your viewers a film-like experience while watching your YT videos. Let’s have a look at the major differences between Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Adding Advanced Visual Effects To Your Videos

You will find Adobe After Effects to be better when it comes to adding advanced visual effects to your videos, from a variety of color grading to simple animated titles that can enhance your video’s quality. Working with After Effects to add advanced animation will consume less time and get more work done, thus increasing your productivity.

Workflow And Interface

When it comes to After Effects vs Premiere Pro, the interface of Premiere Pro is intuitive and simple to use. You can conveniently switch between various video editing tools regardless of which timeline you are working on. Whereas Adobe After Effects’ interface might seem overwhelming at first, since it adds more nuances to your video content rather than arranging them in a sequential manner. The interface of Premiere Pro helps you to edit different tracks simultaneously. The interface of After Effects adds different visual effects and layers to the current video track.

Multitasking And Working On Lengthy Videos

Premiere Pro allows you to work with multiple tracks at once, thus making it an ideal choice for users and editors involved in creating video projects of extended lengths. Adobe After Effects is not very helpful in creating full-length video productions since it helps to create more short video sequences. If your project requires you to open multiple video tracks simultaneously, you must go ahead with Adobe Premiere Pro. However, if your project requires you to work only on one project, you should select After Effects.

When Should You Use Adobe Premiere Pro?

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is ideal for content creators and video editors involved in organizing and editing large video files. Professionals in TV stations, media editors, and YouTubers will find this tool extremely beneficial. Adobe Premiere Pro is famous for its editing tools that enable you to create a streamlined flow to your video production. You can use Adobe Premiere Pro if you have the following requirements.

  • Adding, editing and organizing multiple tracks at the same time
  • Importing and editing videos in multiple formats
  • Working intensely with third-party plugins
  • Editing video projects with an average duration of more than 30 minutes
  • Creating basic animations in your videos

When Should You Use After Effects?

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is the industry standard software used to add powerful motion graphics and visual effects to your videos. It is known for its advanced motion graphics tools that designers and animators can use to create 2D and 3D animations in their dynamic videos. If you are serving the role of a graphic designer, you will find After Effects highly valuable to work with different animation layers simultaneously. It is ideal for users with these requirements.

  • Creating short films with animation sequences
  • Including a large element of visual effects
  • Animating texts and shapes of various types and sizes
  • Simultaneously editing visuals with multiple layers


Although both are great tools to produce high-quality videos, we recommend YouTubers and content creators to cohesively use both platforms. It helps to achieve the best results. You can edit short or lengthy video clips using Adobe Premiere Pro and add the animations, texts, and finishing touches using Adobe After Effects. These tools will create a top-notch video for your channel that will help you buy YouTube views for free.

Both tools have a trial version for a limited time. With enough experience and creativity, you can cultivate the habit of seamlessly integrating the functionalities of these two softwares to produce the highest-quality videos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Tool Is Better To Perform Video Masking?

Adobe After Effects gives you a higher control and provides greater precision and tools to perform video masking frame-by-frame, thus giving a much smoother look.

Q2. Which Is Easier To Learn in After Effects vs Premiere Pro?

Beginners will find the intuitive and simple layout of Adobe Premiere Pro easier to pick up the details rather than getting overwhelmed by them.

Q3. Does Adobe Have Tutorials on Using Adobe After Effects And Premiere Pro?

Yes. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that will help you navigate through any problems that you might encounter.

Q4. Should I Use Only Premiere Pro Or After Effects for Video Editing?

We suggest you work on both platforms and use their functionalities in tandem initially. It gives you an idea about which tool best suits your needs and achieves your video editing goals.