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What Is A Video Montage And How To Create A Video Montage?

As a creator on YouTube, if you want to make a video montage to give your viewers a film experience, you’re at the right place! Video montages are essential to creators focused on making videos narrating a tale. With different camera angles and shots, video montages give viewers a cinematic experience.

But how to make a video montage? If you’re a beginner, this guide will help you create the best video montages that your audiences will adore in just a few easy steps. So sit back and read till the end to make video montages like a pro!

What Is A Video Montage?

A video montage is a collection of video clips and photos that is put together to deliver a story. The word “montage” comes from French and means “to put together.” Video montages are often seen in movies, especially in the beginning, where they have to show a character’s day-to-day life.

Directors or videographers use video montages to convey a story in the shortest way possible. For example, with a series of video clips, you can deliver an emotion, any message, or a storyline in a condensed format. Adding a video montage will do the job for any video to look more cinematic and capture the essence of filmmaking.

Curious about how to create a montage video? With the latest editing tools and apps available online, you can make a top-class video montage in just minutes! Here’s how.

How To Make A Video Montage?

To make a video montage like a pro, firstly, you need good editing software. Choosing an editing software that gives you a variety of features is key. But along with that, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Compelling Storytelling

When planning for a video montage, start by building a powerful story or message that you want to convey. Video montages are regarded and used to impact viewers emotionally in the shortest time. The best example is the Pixar movie

in which a montage at the beginning shows the main character’s past life.

You can use various elements like voiceovers, inspiring music, more expansive shots, or different angles to support the storytelling of your video montage.

Work for smoother transitions

You need to work on your transitions if you want a smooth-flowing montage. For your video montages to look professional, add transitions so that it doesn’t look like videos added back to back. Transitions hook viewers and keep them engaged. Editors often use transitions to set the tone and mood of the video.

Use software that offers several different transitions so that it’s easier for you to edit any video montage in the way you want it.

Choosing the right soundtrack

The next step in “how to make a video montage” is to choose and add a fitting soundtrack. Any montage will not look good with a soundtrack that doesn’t fit. The emotion you’re trying to fit in the video should match your added music. Without the right soundtrack, there won’t be a connection.

Many video editing software provides copyright-free music that can be used to fit your video montages. Make sure you use soft music that isn’t too loud so that it takes away all the attention from the montage.

Time frame of a video montage

A video montage should not be too long or too short. If you’re thinking about how to create a montage video that is simple yet catchy, then just deliver the message in short. Video montages cannot be comprehensive as they are made to cover a long period in fewer frames.

Most video montages are brief, that is 1-2 minutes long. They’re the weaving segment of any story. So, when putting frames or scenes together, make sure that you’re not stretching it. This will keep the viewers engaged and lead the story forward quickly.

Best Video Montage Creator

Now that you have studied all the crucial steps to remember on how to make a video montage, it’s time to see some apps that can help you in making one! You will find a hundred different video montage creator apps online. However, not all will have the latest features.

Here are our best picks with advanced features to make any montage videos look cinematic and professional!

KapwingBest Video Montage tool

If you are looking for video editing software online as a beginner, then Kapwing is the best software on the web. It has an easy-to-use interface that anyone can access to create videos of their choice. This online software is loaded with free features, but if you want access to all features, you’ll have to pay for it.

This app’s best feature is that you can share your video edits in real time with your friends or colleagues. Kapwing is available for both macOS and Android users at a monthly price of $20.


Best Video Montage Creator app

If you’re searching for an app that can let you edit video montages on your mobile, then KineMaster is our top pick! This app is available for Android and iOS users and has all the required features to create a good-quality montage. The best part is that the app is entirely free, and users can import their video directly to their mobile devices in just a few seconds.

This app has an impressive range of audio-video editing features and great templates, proving to be a top-rated video montage creator app.


Video Montage Creator for iOS

The good news for Apple users is that they don’t have to switch to any other app or software, as they have iMovies. This software is available for all Apple devices and has all the advanced features to create top-quality 4K content. This app is free for all Apple users and has no in-app purchases.

Most YouTube creators or video editors generally use this app as it is beginner-friendly and saves lots of additional steps of installing another app or uploading a file on the web.

Wondershare Filmora

Best Video Montage Creator

This tool has many great features for quickly editing your montages, including filters and effects that make editing super easy. Due to the extensive spectrum of tools, this is also an excellent tool for beginners and professional editors. The navigation bar in this tool allows users to easily make edits without switching the screen or going through multiple steps to make a few changes.


Creating a video montage is an essential skill you will learn as an editor or creator if you want to excel in videography on YouTube. Video montages, when added to any film or short video, make it stand out from the rest and add the touch of high-quality editing. Hopefully, through this blog, we have answered your queries like what is a video montage and given you practical ways to make one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the purpose of a video montage?

Filmmakers, videographers, or animators use video montages to cover a long storyline in a short span and in a more unique way. This keeps the viewers engaged in the video or film while building the narrative.

Q2. How to make a good video montage?

Editors use the best tools and software to make video montages of the highest quality. But the key to making a good montage is planning the storyline and shots so that it acts like a binding product in the final film.

Q3. How long should be a montage shot?

According to experts, ideal video montages should be anywhere between 90 seconds to 2 minutes.