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3 Mistakes To Avoid If You Have A Small YouTube Channel

Avoid these mistakes to get more views and grow your channel

YouTube mistakes to avoid, especially for novice YouTubers. This blog is especially for those YouTubers who have been making mistakes and are getting poor results even after consistent efforts. The mistakes or errors are easy to find out and can be minor. Simply fixing minor errors can help you optimize your YouTube channel. So, let us learn more about YouTube mistakes.

Top 3 YouTube Mistakes That Small YouTube Channels Need To Stop Making

Today, we will discuss some common mistakes creators often make and how to avoid them. Whether you’re a beginner or have been on the platform for a while, these tips will help you take your channel to the next level.

small youtuber mistakes

Ignoring The Power Of Thumbnails

The very first small YouTuber mistake is ignoring thumbnails. Most YouTubers and content creators spend time creating quality content. Of course, uploading relevant content by targeting high-quality keywords in the title and video description is essential. But, paying attention to thumbnails to attract viewers is crucial for getting more views and engagement.

The viewers will not click on the video if the thumbnail is not attractive and eye-catching. The content then takes a back seat. The thumbnail must, therefore, complement the video’s content. So, if frustration is creeping for not getting enough views, design attractive thumbnails that make the viewers curious to click on your video.

Not Engaging The Audience At The Start Of The Video

The second and most common habit of small YouTubers is not paying enough attention to the introduction or the start of the video.

When it comes to creating videos, capturing your audience’s attention right from the start is crucial. In fact, those initial impressions and the first 30 seconds of your video can make or break its success. Why? During this short window, viewers decide whether your video is worth their precious time and if it’s interesting enough to keep watching until the end. So, how can you ensure that your video grabs attention immediately? Let’s dive in and explore this critical aspect of video creation.

It is essential to give a solid hook to the audience. Jump right into the topic that encourages them to engage with the content through the end. The CTA, asking the viewers to subscribe, can be kept for the end of the video.

You can keep viewers engaged throughout your video by providing valuable information, entertaining visuals, or thought-provoking storytelling. This approach ensures that your message is effectively conveyed before prompting viewers to take action.

Not Sticking To A Niche

The third YouTube mistake novice content creators make is not sticking to a niche. To the viewer, the YouTube channel appears entirely chaotic, covering various subjects.

It is crucial to identify your interests and hobbies before starting your YouTube channel so you can attract a specific type of viewer. Thanks to this accurate reference, Your audience can easily find your videos by searching for particular topics on your channel.


In conclusion, it’s essential for small content creators on YouTube to be aware of the common YouTube mistakes they may unknowingly make. By recognizing and addressing these issues, creators can improve the quality and success of their channels.

Remember to avoid inconsistent posting schedules, neglecting audience engagement, and overlooking the importance of SEO. Small creators can navigate the YouTube landscape more effectively and achieve their goals with a mindful approach and a commitment to growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Mistakes Should I Avoid On My YouTube Channel?

A high-quality video camera with excellent audio output is wise if you have a small YouTube channel. You need to start with high-quality video and audio to attract viewers and subscribers. Also, pay attention to YouTube SEO, video tags, titles, and keywords.

Q2. What Not To Do As A YouTuber?

Things to avoid as a YouTuber are not to spread hate and negativity. Do not promote harmful content or biased religious opinions to avoid hurting someone’s sentiments.

Q3. What Are The Challenges Of Having A YouTube Channel?

One of the significant challenges that a YouTuber faces are to monetize their channel beat the competition in their niche, and carve a name for themselves. Another difficulty that YouTube channels face is running out of creativity and ideas, burnout, and maintaining audience retention and engagement.