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7 best ideas to write effective YouTube video titles.

List of 7 awesome ideas to write YouTube video titles that get more views.

I know you think, “If only I make the most interesting content my YouTube videos will be on the top of the search results”. While making good and interesting content is important, it is much more essential to use effective and attention-grabbing YouTube video titles. Ineffective use of keywords and SEO can cause even the most compelling content to be stuck far below in the search list.

But don’t worry just yet, you’re in luck because this article will tell you all you need to know about the effective use of YouTube video titles. Let’s look at 7 amazing ideas to help you write the most efficient YouTube Video Titles

Use the right keywords

Keyword Research

Keywords are ironically the key to effective digital marketing. Whether you’re a YouTuber or a blogger or a brand, the use of keywords is equally important if not more to promote your videos and content. You need to conduct intense keyword research to find out the kind of keywords your audience uses to search for your content. Keywords play the most essential role in Search Engine Optimization(SEO) to drive organic traffic to your video. it’s advisable to use the right and most used keywords in your YouTube titles, thumbnail, and also the description.

Ensure that your title and thumbnail go hand in hand

How To Make Better Thumbnails

For users to click on your video you need to match your YouTube video thumbnail and title. These are the first things viewers notice while scrolling through YouTube, and if your title and thumbnails catch their attention they are bound to click on your video. However, if the video title and thumbnail have vagueness you’ll be rolled into the fake or uninteresting category and your search list ranking goes to the Earth’s crust. You can always create compelling YouTube Thumbnails on Canva.

Address People’s Problems

Address The Audience's Problems

When you mention a problem that people usually face in the title it raises curiousness and makes the viewers click on your video. Using titles like, “Tired of paying taxes? Watch this” addresses the dilemma of paying huge taxes and would make the viewers want to watch it in an attempt to save money on tax.

Depict Urgency

Urgency In A Video Title

Creating a sense of urgency in the viewer’s mind always helps in getting more views. The more urgent the video title seems the sooner the content consumer would want to watch it. Hence using titles like, “Save money on taxes right now or end up broke” would trigger viewers to click on the video right away.

Use a Noticeable Number in your Title

A Number in the Title

Numbers make it easy for us to quantify anything and everything. If you use titles like “ Save taxes in 3 or 5 easy steps” with the “5” highlighted in the thumbnail and the title and the competition uses titles like,” Save money on taxes” which video do you think I’ll click on? Well, Duh yours. That’s how using numbers make your videos more noticeable and catchy.

The Use of Power Words

Power Words In YouTube Video Title

Using powerful words in your YouTube video titles is another great way to grab the viewer’s attention. Power words are words that aren’t really necessary but give the sentence strength and make it more fun to read. Words like “AWESOME”, “AMAZING”, “GROUNDBREAKING”, or “POWERFUL” are be called power words. You can use them in titles like this, “AWESOME ways to save money on taxes in 2021”. These help in catching the viewer’s attention and also in Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Keep Your Titles Short and Crisp

Short And Crisp YouTube Video Titles

Lastly, I suggest keeping your YouTube Video titles short and crisp. If possible keep them under 70 characters. If your title is longer the viewers won’t be able to read after the first 70 characters and lose interest. Keep your titles short, crisp, and attention-grabbing to get the most possible views.

These were the best ideas to get maximum views from your YouTube Video Titles. However, there are several efficient ways to boost your YouTube page and get maximum views to know about them, go right ahead and check this out.