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Easy Ways to Make Money from YouTube Affiliate Programs

How do I become an affiliate on YouTube? How to Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing

If you’re a YouTuber and want to make money, YouTube Affiliate Programs is one of the most reliable options. It is not as easy as it sounds, you need to create original content that interests your audience. In this blog let’s discuss the programs that will help you to give the returns you need.

What are YouTube Affiliate Programs?

In simple words, YouTube affiliate programs are promoting other company’s products and services with a link or code that’s provided by the company. You will earn a commission from each sale made through the link or code that you have shared. The commission will depend upon the conditions made by the company’s agreement.

Follow these points to join YouTube Affiliate Programs:

  • Enroll in an affiliate marketing program.
  • Use the link or the code provided by the company in your video description or in your YouTube channel description.
  • Ask your audience to use the promo code or the affiliate link and purchase the products from the brand you are promoting.
  • Get more views on your YouTube videos to outreach to the maximum audience on YouTube.

List of Companies that provide Best YouTube Affiliate Programs


We at Veefly help YouTubers to get quality views. We understand the growing competition on YouTube and offer real views to our customers. If you join the Veefly affiliate marketing program, you get an opportunity to earn 15% of the commission in return for each campaign. Veefly also provides Affiliate Programs for Gamers. It also provides free 1000 YouTube Views.

Veefly Affiliate Program


If you promote your videos on Veefly, you get real views from the audience. You also receive real engagement in form of likes and comments on your videos. We help you to promote your videos to the right audience.

Cons: Competition is too high.


Airbnb is the best option to book apartments or stays while exploring any part of the world. If you share travel vlogs on your YouTube channel, you can share reviews about the hotels and apartments.



It’s one of the most popular and cherished brands. Airbnb offers you to become a host or guest affiliate so you can choose the best option accordingly.


Airbnb has not disclosed its commission rates. Also, there are many travel vloggers on YouTube, so the competition is very tough.


Twitch is yet another video-sharing platform that allows its users to stream live. So if you’re a gamer this is the right place for you. In the Twitch affiliate program, you earn with bits. Bits are virtual buyable goods that the audience buys to support their favorite affiliate. You need to earn as many bits as you can and turn them into cash.



You can easily join the Twitch affiliate program, you just need to have 50 followers with 7 broadcast days and more than 3 concurrent views.


You have to wait for 60 days to receive your payable amount. You need to have a minimum of $100 to get paid.

Amazon Associates

This is one of the most popular YouTube affiliate programs as over 200 million people shop or visits the Amazon site. This might be one of the best options for you if your YouTube channel does not belong to a particular niche.



Very popular worldwide and has a wide range of products. There is always a spike in sales on Amazon.


The terms and conditions are a bit tough to understand. The commission will differ from product to product.


Skillshare offers online classes in photography, design, business, etc. If you choose to promote skillshare you can share photography tutorials on your YouTube channel.



You get monthly payouts. Also, you can earn through sign-up referrals.


The commission is fixed.

Concluding thoughts

I am sure these YouTube affiliate programs will help you to earn the desired commission you wish to earn. As these are the best affiliate programs for YouTube.