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How to Add YouTube Branding Watermark?

How do I add a branding watermark? Add Branding to your Videos

YouTube has been the best video-sharing platform since 2005. The platform has allowed creators and artists to broadcast their talents, interests, and passion hence now YouTube stands as a brand. YouTube has updated its terms and policies in support of its creators. They helped people to turn their passion into a profession! As a beginner, are you wondering how to get more views to turn your channel into a brand? YouTube’s logo itself will help you to gain more views on your videos and help you to brand your channel! Today, I will explain in detail how you can use YouTube Branding Watermark to brand your channel.

What is YouTube Branding Watermark?

YouTube allows you to add a watermark to your video. If you insert the watermark in your video, it allows the users to directly subscribe to your channel if they click on the watermark to view the video. You can use YouTube’s logo to act as a branding watermark in your channel. But why do you think is branding a watermark important?

Importance of using Branding Watermark

As a YouTuber, you want the audience to view and subscribe to your channel, right? Adding the YouTube watermark will fulfill both your objectives! If the individual is your subscriber already and clicks on the watermark, it will direct them to a list of the videos you have uploaded on your channel.

The watermark is only clickable on the desktop. On the mobile, the watermark will be visible to your viewers but it won’t direct them to your videos. Or if the individual is viewing your video on phone and is not your subscriber and clicks on the watermark, it won’t allow them to subscribe to your channel as well!

How to Upload YouTube Branding Watermark?

Here are few steps to make a YouTube watermark

  1. Log in to YouTube Studio
  2. Click on ‘Customisation’
  3. Then move on to ‘Branding’
  4. Click on the ‘upload’ option available in the video watermark section.
  5. Select an image or YouTube’s watermark if you have.
  6. Crop the image accordingly.
  7. Click on ‘Done’.


It allows you to customize the timing when you want the watermark to appear in your video. You can keep the watermark on your video for the entire time or at the end of the video. It also, allows you to custom the start and end time you want the watermark to appear on your video.

The branding watermark now appears on the right side in the corner of your video.

Concluding thoughts

You can make your customized watermarks on BeFunky . Keep these pointers in mind while creating your watermark:

Add a transparent watermark.

You can also add the website logo or a link.

Start using the YouTube watermark initially.

Maintain the size of the watermark i.e 150×150.

To know more about customizing your channel, you should read our detailed guide on how to manage your YouTube channel branding?