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Youtube Creator Academy and Their Brilliant courses for Beginners on YouTube

Is YouTube Creator Academy free? Learn with the YouTube Creator Academy

YouTube is a brilliant platform for creators…Duh!! With the number of people wanting to create content on Youtube, they have started some amazing certification courses. These courses are a part of the YouTube Creator Academy. Under this feature, YouTube offers several beginner-level, intermediate-level, and advanced-level users. The YouTube Creator Academy is just like a school for YouTubers, if you may. So now let me tell you about the amazing courses you can avail of on YouTube.

YouTube Channel Foundations

Youtube Channel Foundation

The courses start with the Channel Foundations. Under this section, you will be introduced to the basics of YouTube and the guidelines and policies of YouTube. Also, most importantly you are taught how to brand your channel on YouTube. It involves customizing your channel as per your brand aesthetics, conveying your brand in the channel art, icon, description, and also the trailer. However, once you are well versed with the YouTube basics and brand aesthetics. You can move on to understanding Content Strategy.

YouTube Content Strategy

YouTube Content Strategy

Here the academy helps you plan and prepare a content strategy for your YouTube channel. It has various courses for Music channels, educational channels, et cetera. The courses also involve some self-care methods, strategies for long-term success, and more. Having the right content strategy for your channel can help you throughout your journey as a YouTuber. YouTube Creator Academy certificates are very helpful even in digital marketing and social media firms.

YouTube Video Production

Youtube Video Production

The next phase in the YouTube Creator Academy is video production. Well of course when you’re working on an online video platform you naturally need to learn all you can about making the best videos possible. The courses for beginners involve the processes and tools for video editing, planning a video, and also the different techniques to captivate the audience during the shoot. Using the right lighting, frames, et cetera play an important role in captivating your audience. Furthermore you also learn about live streaming on YouTube and everything that goes with it. On the advanced level, we have a complete course about virtual reality and 360° videos.

YouTube Channel Optimization

YouTube Channel Optimization

Under these courses, you will be taught all the best ways to get discovered and improve your channel’s search and discovery potential. Several methods and strategies can help you reach your audience and get more views. Here you get to learn them from YouTube itself. A Youtube Creator Academy certificate always comes in handy even if you’re not planning on creating a youtube channel for yourself. You can get insights from YouTube analytics, increase your channel’s reach and grow your community. These are the courses that would help you achieve your goals on YouTube.

Business and Monetization

YouTube Channel Monetization

Now we’re talking business. YouTube Creator Academy has many courses under this headline where you are made aware of the various monetizing opportunities, how you can market your channel, how ads work, et cetera. You are introduced to many other ideas other than just YouTube ads. You can understand all about channel merchandising, chat stickers, brand deals, and much more. Once you’re through you’ll be well versed with all the potential business opportunities on YouTube.

Policies and Guidelines

YouTube's Policies and Guidelines

Finally, YouTube wants you to know all the rules and guidelines you need to follow while you’re with them. YouTube has several important policies that you need to know to let your channel smoothly function on YouTube. They also have guidelines regarding copyrights that can help you from having your content and brand identity stolen and misused. So yeah, this one is the most essential of all.


Well, Hello Future YouTube Sensation. Finally, you are ready to shoot your channel into the horizon. Have fun and enjoy your YouTube journey. All these courses provide you with a YouTube creator Academy certificate. However, for more ways to promote your videos for free check this out.