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How To Boost YouTube Views With YouTube Premiere

Does premiering a YouTube video get more views? How to Boost Video Views with the YouTube Premiere Feature

YouTube Premieres is a video that plays in real-time and lets viewers watch and engage at the same time. It’s a mix between a live stream and a standard YouTube video. These videos are prerecorded and later played live like a live stream. In addition, the feature allows you to announce what time the premiere will debut on your channel, reminding viewers of what’s coming up.

YouTube lately has been experimenting with television-like content to make the platform much more interactive. Premieres are an amazing way to build a community where creators and viewers can engage with each other.

Viewers can simply tune in when a video starts after receiving a reminder or notification. You will see a two-minute countdown before the video begins. While the video plays, you can chat with other viewers and even donate. You will often come across creators interacting back as well.

As a YouTube creator, remember to set up your premiere and optimize it with the correct title, tags, and descriptions. You can also add your premiere to your playlists since after the video is aired; it will appear as a regular video. YouTube Premiere is a great way to grow your engagement. Here are a few ways to boost your YouTube views with YouTube Premieres.

Premiere upload

One trick that will help you boost your YouTube views is by uploading your premiere before the planned time. This does not mean you should prepone it by days; you can upload premieres one to two hours before the video’s release time.

This way, your audience can watch the full version of your video within a few hours rather than waiting for an entire day. Remember to promote your premiere on your other social media platforms to invite as many viewers as possible.

Engage with live viewers

An important step to gaining more viewers is engaging with your audience. On YouTube Premiere videos, live viewers tend to chat with each other and keep the conversation going. As a creator, you need to jump on the action and use it to your advantage. You can ask for their feedback and work it into your next video.

This will let the audience know that you appreciate their opinions and bring them back to your channel. In addition, you can increase your viewers by informing them that you will be present on the watch page before the video starts. Your audience will use this as an opportunity to communicate with you.

Enable chat replay

Lastly, some of your audience members might join in the conversation later. To help them understand what everyone is talking about, enable your chat replay button. This way, your audience will understand the jokes and insights and share theirs as well.

You can also enable Super Chat for better interaction with your YT premiere. This feature lets your audience send premium messages on the live chat. These practices will definitely boost your view count and engagement rate.