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How To Deal With Hate Comments ?

How do you respond to a hate comment? How Should You Respond To Negative Comments On YouTube

As a YouTube creator, you will always come across hate comments under your videos on the platform. Criticism is a part of growing as a YouTuber, but you need to learn to draw a line between negativity and constructive criticism. Unfortunately, many creators struggle to deal with hate on social media and are mentally affected.

Here are a few ways to deal with hate comments in 2024 on YouTube.

Add harmful words to your blocked words list

add harmful words to blocked words list

YouTube has comment filters that can help you filter out harmful comments. In addition, the platform automatically removes anything that has offensive words and profanity. But sometimes, due to the high volume of comments on a video, harmful comments slip through. In this case, you can add specific words to your blocked word list.

To do so, go to YouTube’s Studio settings. Next, click on “Community” > “Automated Filters“. Next, look for “Blocked Words” and add as many words as you can in the filtered comments.

Review held comments

review held comments

Once your comments have been filtered, take some time to review them. Sometimes, comments that aren’t harmful might end up in that slot. To go through these comments, go to YouTube Studio. Then, click on comments > held for review. Here you can manually delete or approve comments after reading them carefully.

Many brands appoint a person to do this daily to understand how people are reacting to their brand. If you want to assign someone for this job, simply invite them through “channel permissions” using their email address.

Block offenders

block offenders

On YouTube, to grow your channel and yourself, it is crucial to stay away from negativity. And there are times when the steps mentioned above aren’t enough. In that case, you need to cut the problem at the source itself. You can start with hiding inappropriate comments. But, if you come across users who are repeatedly trolling you by using foul and offensive language, block them.

YouTube Studio makes it very easy to manage your channel, especially in such scenarios. Filtering, deleting, and blocking is a healthy way to deal with hate comments on YouTube. Many creators fight back by engaging, while some create songs using those comments as lyrics.

We wouldn’t suggest such actions since engaging with a faceless mob will only harm your wellness. Instead, invest your time thanking and appreciating users who enjoy your content and are helping you boost your YouTube channel.