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How To Use Food Content To Get More YouTube Views

How do I get more views on my food channel on YouTube? Start a Successful YouTube Cooking Channel

Food vloggers on YouTube like Rosanna Pansino, Binging with Babish, and Epic Meal Time have made it huge on the platform with their food-related content. Today, you don’t need to be a professional chef to start a food channel on YouTube. Many creators who are passionate about food are taking on YouTube to share their love and skills related to different food items.

If you too have a zest for food you want to share, here are a few tips you could use for your food YT channel. Food video content gets a lot of views compared to any other niche. So, let’s get started.

Viral food hacks

You must have noticed that you will come across at least one food video while scrolling through YouTube or Facebook. Like many creators, you can experiment with viral food hacks. Users enjoy watching food hack videos and try them out in their free time.

In 2020, the dalgona coffee recipe videos by The Cooking Foodie YouTube channel received 10 million views. During the lockdown, thousands of people tried the recipe out and shared their experiences on social media. Include viral food ideas in your video content strategy and watch your views boost on YouTube.

“What I Eat In A Day” video

Another type of food content that will help you get more views on your videos is the “what I eat in a day” video. Celebrity channels on YouTube often post such videos. This type of video has a massive audience on YouTube, and it lets them know you a little more on a personal level.

YouTube channel Pinkvilla uploads “what I eat in a day” videos of famous celebrities like Priyanka Chopra Jonas and has received 2.3 million views on that video. Once you build a solid audience base, you can share what you eat with your audience as well.

Food recreation

Recreating food is a niche that’s becoming popular by the day. You can create videos for your channel that test and experiment with food from favorite movies or sitcoms. You can refer to a cookbook or a recipe online and intrigue your audience with some special recipes.

Lately, people have been obsessing over the famous dish from the Pixar movie Ratatouille. YouTube channel CoolCooking received 4.8 million views on their Ratatouille recipe, which is a famous dish from the French cuisine.

So, if you are looking for food-related ideas for your new YouTube channel, these will surely help you. So, start creating fantastic food videos and watch your channel get more subscribers and views.