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Tips to create a perfect size profile picture on YouTube – 2023

What is the best size for a YouTube profile picture? YouTube Profile Picture (Channel Icon) Dimensions & Drawings

Are you wondering what size should your YouTube profile picture be? Is your profile picture really important? Well yes… your profile picture plays a key role because that ideally becomes your channel icon and your channel identity! Almost 500 hours of videos are uploaded every day. How will your audience recognize your videos? Therefore, you need to have a unique profile picture for your YouTube Channel. Are you worried about the picture type and size? Today in this blog, we will discuss how to make your profile picture unique and distinctive.

How to make a perfect YouTube profile picture size?


Wait… before we discuss your YouTube profile picture size you need to know that YouTube has fixed sizes for thumbnails, profile pictures, and channel art banners. The profile picture is the image that appears below your channel art and also besides your name whenever you comment. Users can click on your picture and they will be redirected to your channel. The channel art banner is the first thing that appears to your audience. It gives an overview to your audience of what your channel is about. Thumbnail is the image that represents your videos.

Refer to this size list that I have mentioned below:

Profile picture size should be 800 x 800 pixels

Channel Art Banner should be 2560 x 1440 pixels

Thumbnail should be 1280 x 720 pixels

YouTube-profile-picture-size - 800x800 pixels

Use an Identical picture

Select a picture that you have used on your other social media accounts for your users to identify your videos easily. It also helps you to reveal that this is your official account even if you do not have the blue tick.

Background color

Avoid using flashy or mismatched colors. Use a background color according to your outfit in the picture. Not necessary that you use a white background but use a contracting color according to your picture.


Correlate your profile picture with the channel banner

Avoid using a mismatched picture. Use a contrasting picture with your background channel banner. Your channel banner displays what your channel is about therefore you need to choose your channel banner wisely.

How to edit YouTube profile picture size

You can edit and create your profile picture on Snappa within 60 seconds! You simply need to sign up and create an account on Snappa. Follow these steps to have a perfect profile picture:

  1. Create a canvas of 800 x 800 dimension
  2. Customize your icon by adding graphics and texts
  3. Place a circle on the graphics that you have created on the canvas. This gives you an overview of which part of your image will be cropped
  4. Once you’re done editing your profile picture, delete the circle that you have created
  5. Download your image


(Image source: Snappa)

Concluding thoughts

Your YouTube profile picture creates an identity for you on YouTube, therefore you need to have a creative and distinctive image. Hope this blog helps you to have the perfect YouTube profile picture that you desire. You can also use your profile picture in the thumbnails for YouTube videos. This will allow your viewers to identify your videos easily! Read this guide to understand how to make your thumbnails. You can create your thumbnails on Canva. You should learn how to create your thumbnails on Canvas because it has a variety of images, fonts, and background images. It also allows you to customize your thumbnails!