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Public Speaking Tips To Improve Your Onscreen Presence

How can I improve my screen presence? How to Improve Onscreen Presence

Many accomplished YouTube creators struggled to speak in front of the camera when they started their channel. Fear public speaking is pervasive among YouTubers recording themselves for the first time. When dealing with onscreen presence you might have anxiety, your audience can pick on your nervousness. So, here’s a guide to help you speak comfortably and confidently while recording your YouTube videos.

Top 4 public speaking tips for better online presence

Pace and projection

pace and projection

Imagine coming across a video where a creator is speaking too fast you will surely skip to the next video. The same goes for creators who very slowly end up boring their audience and lose subscribers. Now, you wouldn’t want to fall in either of those categories.

To resolve this issue, you will have to be very mindful of your pace when recording your YouTube videos. First, record yourself and ask your friends what they think about your speaking pace. After gathering some feedback from your friends and audience, adjust your speed and continue to practice.

Next, let’s talk about how you project yourself in front of the camera. Talk to your camera like it’s a person, and adjust your posture to look more confident.

Sound natural

sound natural

Many YouTubers stick to their notes while recording a video. Reading a script is important, but staring at it and forgetting about your audience will degrade the quality of your video. Before pressing the record button, leave your script aside and talk to your audience in a more natural tone. Rehearse before recording your videos and go off-book during your final recording session.

Opening and an closing delivery for Onscreen Presence

On YouTube, the two most interesting parts of any video are the introduction and ending. Users are actually hooked with the intro of a video. This is why your video introduction is very crucial to increase your views.

Come up with a unique start, which will keep your audience hooked till the end. And always remember to end your video on a high note. Remember to remind them to like and subscribe to your videos and leave them on a cliffhanger with wanting more.



Lastly, always always remember to get feedback from your audience and friends. Listen to what your audience is saying about you in the comment section. Whether it’s about your posture, tone, eye contact, or pace. Build yourself with every response and comment, and you will see the change with the number of views.

Keeping your audience demographics in mind, change the tone of your voice. For example, if your audience is mostly millennials, you can have a more fun approach while talking to them, while if your videos are educational, you can make them more explanatory and straight to the point. Many gamers use humor while streaming their videos, which entertains the audience and resonates with them.

Onscreen Presence is challenging for many, and I hope these tips give you the confidence to record amazing videos. If you come across any other difficulties while recording your YouTube videos, let us know in the comments section.