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7 Ways To Get Your First 100 YouTube Subscribers

How hard is it to get 100 subscribers on YouTube? 7 Easy Steps to Get Your First 100 YouTube Subscribers

If you have started a new YouTube channel, we understand the challenge of hitting your first 100 subscribers. YouTube subscribers are the key to any successful Youtuber. Your audience has the power to build you or take you down if you cross a line.

But once you’ve gained your audience loyalty, they will have your back till the end. While building a loyal audience might be a task, here are the best ways to get your first 100 YouTube subscribers.



Keeping your content in mind, you need to know who your audience is. Some creators feel they can attract an audience by uploading random videos. While this might bring you a few subscribers, it won’t appeal to everyone. Before creating any content, you need to narrow down your niche and then think about the audience you want watching your videos.

For example, if your video is about sports, you wouldn’t want people with no idea about it watching your videos and then leaving mid-way. Start with creating evergreen content and watch viewers drop in from time to time.

Channel trailer

channel trailer

You can create a channel trailer that will autoplay for viewers that haven’t subscribed to your channel yet. Create a trailer that’s short, exciting, and to the point. Also, don’t forget to insert a call to action button to remind them to subscribe to your channel.

YouTube profile

youtube profile

Fill in your About section to give your potential subscribers an idea about what your channel has to offer. Is it entertaining? Is it educational? Let viewers know why they should subscribe to you and when they can expect your following videos. Insert keywords to help your channel’s ranking and watch more people click on your subscribe button.

Video titles

video titles

Next, you need to insert searchable keywords in your video’s title. Again, think about what your audience might search for and use that to your advantage. Write catchy and clickable titles that will intrigue them and keep them relevant to your video content. Since only the first 45 characters of your title are visible, use your keywords in the beginning.

Better thumbnails

better thumbnails

By now, you should have a clear idea about what thumbnails are and their importance. YouTube thumbnails are snapshots of your video that appear when a view browses through the platform. Instead of choosing a random frame from your videos, create a thumbnail using Canva or Photoshop and stand out. Use bright colors, fewer texts, and high-resolution images for better visual appeal.

Here’s a practical YouTube Thumbnail Guide 2021.

Branding watermark

branding watermark

A branding watermark reminds the audience of the channel and keeps your brand name fresh in their minds. You can add it to your videos easily through your YouTube channel settings.

YouTube analytics

youtube analytics

Throughout your YouTube career, it was crucial to use YouTube analytics. You can access this tool through YouTueb Studio and watch how your channel is performing. It gives you some in-depth data about your audience, content, and retention rates.

You can also access data to YouTube Shorts and leverage it to increase your subscriber count. Learn more about using YouTube Analytics to your advantage through our blog.