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Steps To Follow When Your Video Is Wrongly Demonetized

How do I dispute monetization on YouTube? How To Survive YouTube Demonetization

YouTube monetization is every creator’s dream, and the key to achieving that is through the YouTube Partner Program. In 2007 after YPP’s launch, the platform focused on encouraging creators to earn on Youtube. However, YT’s policies state that it holds the right to demonetize any YouTube video.

What is YPP?

The YouTube Partner Program gives creators direct access to YouTube’s many features and resources and qualifies revenue sharing opportunities. Through YPP, creators can access Creator Support Teams, Copyright Match Tool, and Monetization features.

To be eligible for YPP, you must:

If YouTube wrongly demonetizes your video, here’s what you need to do.

Request a manual review

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When a video is uploaded on YouTube, the platform’s automated filters review the video to ensure it is advertiser-friendly. Unfortunately, sometimes, the filters get it wrong, and your video ends up being wrongly demonetized. In this case, you must request a human review.

To do this, go to your demonetized video from your Video Manager and select “request review.” After following a few instructions, YouTube will assign a customer support assistant who manually reviews your video for monetization. They will check your video content, title, thumbnail, description, and tags to see if they follow YouTube’s monetization policies. You can check the status of the review in your Video Manager.

Use the self-certification feature

YouTube’s self-certification feature lets creators self-rate their videos. With this new feature, you can tell YouTube what your video is all about, which will then be check by their automated systems. If this doesn’t work, you can go back to step 1 and request a human review.

You can do this to all your new videos or previously uploaded videos that have ads turned on. To rate your videos, you will have to:

  • Upload a video through YouTube Studio
  • When uploading, select monetization > on > done > next.
  • Click on relevant features from advance settings > next.
  • Fill in the Ad suitability questionnaire > submit rating > next.
  • The checks page will review your rating > next.
  • Choose a visibility status for your video.
  • Click on done.

Self-identify your videos

When filling your self-certification questionnaire, you need to be honest about your video content. If your content is advertiser-friendly and follows all the guidelines, simply select “no.”

Try different income streams

As a content creator on YouTube, you might be making money through the YPP; here are some other sources of income that you must consider:

  1. Create your own merchandise products.
  2. Promote products through affiliate partnerships.
  3. Find sponsorship deals from brands.
  4. Explore Patreon and donation options.

Establish your subscriber base

You will only be able to earn income from other sources if you have a decent subscriber base. If you have a follower base, they will support you through platforms like Patreon or attend your virtual events. So, therefore, you must buy YouTube subscribers through organic means.

But, if your video content violates any of the guidelines, you need to inform YouTube and explain why it does so. This can help them during the human review process and evaluate your case fairly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do demonetized videos make money?

No, if your video is demonetized, then it does not allow you any monetary benefit.

Q2. Does demonetization affect my video’s visibility in searches and recommendations?

Yes, after your channel gets demonetized, there are chances that the YouTube Algorithm will favor other channels over yours. Therefore, this will reduce your video visibility in the user’s feed, recommendations, and search results.

Q3. Can you get monetized on YouTube after being demonetized?

Yes, you can get monetized on YouTube after being demonetized. To do so, you need to appeal to the community guidelines strike or fix the copyright strike. If you are unable to fix the copyright strike or community guidelines issue, then YouTube will reinstate monetization after 3 months on your YT channel.

Q4. Does YouTube pay for previous videos before monetization?

YouTube will pay royalties or monetize the videos that have been claimed by an advertisement. But if the video was not monetized before, then there are no royalties to share.