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How To Use Copyrighted Content Legally Like “Screen Junkies”

How do I get permission to use copyrighted material? YouTube copyright and fair use policies - How YouTube Works

Screen Junkies is a YouTube channel with 6.75 million subscribers that uploads content from the film commentary and comedy genre. YouTube’s trending page often features their Honest Trailers Series. This channel uses copyrighted material in their videos, they are still monetized.

YouTube has updated its monetization policies allowing more types of content under its wing. Many new YouTubers are taking this opportunity to earn on the platform. Therefore YouTube views play an important role in monetizing your videos. If you haven’t qualified for monetization yet, you can join sponsorship and affiliate programs on YouTube.

Now let’s look at how you can also use copyrighted content legally, like Screen Junkies.

Fair Use Act

In the US, the Fair Use Act allows the use of copyrighted content is used for criticism, comments, reporting, teaching, research, etc. This lets many creators use the content on YouTube without facing any copyright infringement issues.

If you are looking to use copyrighted music legally on Youtube, read our guide.

Using content in a transformative way

Screen Junkies use this act in their favor by using content in the most transformative way. They choose a movie for their Honest Trailers series, select a few scenes and turn them into parody.

There are many channels out there that do the same. For example, Indian YouTuber CarryMinati, who has 30.4 million subscribers, applies the same hack to create videos without copyright issues. Hence comments on trending videos, along with creating gaming videos. You can do the same based on your channel’s niche.

Video labeled as commentary

Screen Junkies uses another trick to get away with copyrighted content is labeling their videos as commentary. Since all these videos fall under the fair use act, they are monetized easily.

If this genre doesn’t work for you, here are the different types of content you can try to grow your channel.

Top 9 video content to boost your views on YouTube

  1. Educational
  2. Tutorial
  3. Product review
  4. Testimonial
  5. BTS
  6. Live streaming
  7. Contests
  8. Vlog
  9. Events

YouTube has similar loopholes that allow creators to monetize their videos and earn easy money. You can refer to our guides to understand YouTube monetization better. Sometimes, although your content is great, YouTube demonetizes your video. Therefore, if your videos has been demonetized wrongly, read our guide and follow these steps to rectify the situation.